Friday, 24 December 2010

Welcome to Femetalism!

I am a fan of music and I am not sure I could define my musical taste as anything other than eclectic.  I can flip from a pop classic, to a quirky indie anthem right on to a dark symphonic metal masterpiece without a second thought.  Recently though,  I have realised that I tend to lean towards a rock/metal preference.  I find the metal genre really interesting, really diverse and really exciting.  It has been my mission of late, to go to as many live music events as I can possibly manage.  This year I succeeded in attending 16 gigs, all of which were fantastic (well almost but we will skip over the Misstallica experience).  Without a doubt the metal bands I saw live totally wiped the floor with all of the pop and indie artists.  In fact the gigs already planned for 2011 include 4 metal bands by April.

So what is Femetalism about?

With every gig I attend, with every online article I read, with every copy of Metal Hammer I flick through, I realise that women  in metal seem to be perceived as either the 'hot' member of some metal band, the girlfriend of some metal head who just likes it because her boyfriend says she should or the weird looking man-women who can drink any man under the table.

Use Google Images to search for 'women in metal'.  What results do you get?  Mainly pictures of talented metal front-women such as Cristina Scabbia, Simone Simons or Sharon Den Adel all scantily clad and pouting right?   It is true that sex sells and that metal has always been a male dominated genre.  With Femetalism I want to prove that this does not mean women can't enjoy metal, that women can't be talented and hugely successful as artists in metal and most importantly that liking a particular genre of music does not define you - you can like metal and not fall into one of the stereotypical pigeon holes that seem to exist.

Enjoy Femetalism.  Love pink.  Adore metal.  \m/