Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Birthday Massacre - Pins and Needles

I discovered The Birthday Massacre by complete accident.  They were touring in 2009 and I was invited to go along.  As it happens I didn't end up going.  I then forgot about them until Last.fm recommended them to me some 6 months later.  Although not a genre of music I have previously been overly enthusiastic about, The Birthday Massacre's synth-rock style has really grown on me.

Pins and Needles opens with In The Dark.  This is one of my favourite tracks from the album filled with  the trade mark heavy guitar riffs and the stunning vocals of lead singer Chibi.  Shallow Grave is another favourite with electronica and really neat guitar riffs intermingled with Chibi singing in the cute and angsty style she has adopted so wonderfully.

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Pins and Needles is of course the title track from the album and is without a doubt the standout.   I have found that there is always one track on each of their albums that I really love more than any other.  Pins and Needles is that track.  Really heavy riffs, criss-crossing with softer, almost pop like interludes.  Just awesome.

Although there is nothing particularly new or different about Pins and Needles in comparison to their previous albums I have to wonder whether I'd want anything new or different.  They have a winning formula and I don't think that they feel the need (and neither they should) to deviate too far from what they have been successfully doing to date.  Not at the moment anyway.

What really made this album even more special was having the opportunity to see it performed live in Corporation, Sheffield on the 17th October 2010.  I would say that it was the best gig I went to last year (and having seen Lacuna Coil a few weeks before, that is really saying something!)  They played a lot of new tracks from Pins and Needles as well as some older favourites.  It was a perfect showcase of the bands immense talent and their superb new album.