Friday, 25 March 2011

Epica & ReVamp - Corporation March 12th 2011

March has been packed with so many good gigs that there have been far too many for us to go to.  Sadly, 'day jobs', children and other commitments, mean that it isn't always possible to go to as many gigs as we'd really like.  After looking at the various gigs we might fancy in March Doozr and I finally settled on 3 in succession.   The Levellers supported by The Wonder Stuff for some old school reminising, The Decemberists supported by Blind Pilot for some American folk and Epica supported by ReVamp for some femetal awesomeness.

Epica are one of my favourite symphonic metal bands at the moment.  This fact combined with a support band such as Floor Jansen's ReVamp and a venue such as Corporation meant the night was much anticipated.

I wasn't sure what to expect with ReVamp.  I had had a quick listen to their album and to be honest I wasn't that blown away.  When the band walked onto the stage that night though the place went mental.  I have never been in such an electrifying crowd before.  Floor has the most powerful of voices mixing operatic styles with a deeper growl.  The band were energetic, enthusiastic and above all else awesome.

Floor has had a long career in metal performing previously with After Forever, Ayreon and Star One.  Her presence on stage was captivating and her voice was stunning.  Sadly, this seemed wasted on the chumps standing to my left who decided that her performance required something a little extra.  Soon after the band came on stage they started shouting 'Get em out' continuously for the rest of the performance demonstrating a complete lack of respect for both Floor and the band's performance.  

When Epica took to the stage, the place went wild.  The voice, the guitars, the rotating keyboard, the drums it was a non-stop barrage of complete awesomeness.  I can't even begin to articulate how amazing it felt to stand in a crowd and feel the excitement and the energy quite so vividly. Simone wore a stunning black dress with interesting detailing around the neck.  She looked like a beautiful porcelain doll, that was of course until she started windmilling like a loon.

For Epica's encore, Floor returned to the stage and her and Simone sang, windmilled and generally rocked together.   It was a truly stunning sight.

The gig was a non-stop roller coaster and I left Corporation covered in sweat, heart pounding and proudly sporting a massive grin.

Floor recently posted a Tour Report online which you can view below.  If you look closely (and know what Doozr and I look like) you should see us at about 2 minutes 30 seconds.  :D