Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Royal Wedding Weekend of Metal and Music

It's been a busy weekend in Femetalism land.  On Friday we went to see Delain at Manchester Academy 3 supported by Serenity.  I saw Lacuna Coil at Manchester Academy 1 in 2010 but had not had the pleasure of Academy 3 until Friday.

After successfully negotiating the spiral staircase and queuing for what seemed like forever we entered the room.  It was the perfect size for me - just big enough to encourage an atmosphere but small enough that the stage was perfectly visible from any distance.  We planted ourselves somewhere in the middle and didn't have to wait long for the first band.

Lost in Thought were the first band and I am still puzzled by them.  Musically they were excellent.  There were some really quite epic guitar riffs and catching melodies throughout.  The singing just didn't seem to work … not for me anyway.  The lead singer seemed to have a completely different vocal style to the music and I just couldn't get it to work in my head.  I've listened to them online since the show and it sounded better than during the gig.

Serenity were next.  A symphonic metal band from Austria that isn't female fronted.  The lead singer was a very dominating fellow who's presence was felt on stage immediately.  They played an incredible set  which incorporated a duet with Lisa Middelhauve of Xandria.  The audience was well and truly warmed up by the end of it.

Delain were as anticipated, AWESOME!  I am such a fan of Delain and am so excited that they will be heading straight to the recording studio once their tour is over to record a new album.   They played all of their greatest tracks and the new guitarist Timo Somers was excellent.  He was clearly enjoying himself because he had an excited grin the whole way through.  I was sad to not hear See Me in Shadow but was extremely over excited when they played The Gathering to end their encore; it's my favourite Delain track.

After the show, I bought a Delain vest and Doozr acquired Serenity's new album from the merc stand.  We popped to the loo (relevant) and when we came out Serenity were just hanging about outside.  We got their autographs and told them how awesome their set was.  It was an incredible evening which if possible i would repeat a number of times.

On Saturday night we headed to The Frog and Nightgown in Worksop; Primarily to see Northern Oak who were supporting Sanctorum and Evil Scarecrow.  It was an interesting place that appears to be the hub of the alternative scene in Worksop.  It was really welcoming though and served a great selection of real ale.

For some reason the evening seemed to take forever to get started but when it finally kicked off Northern Oak launched into a flawless yet short set.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think they did too! :)   Sanctorum also played flawlessly and I enjoyed their set immensely.   Some very funky lighting and an overused smoke machine made for an interesting haze along the front of the stage during both sets.  Doozr still managed to take some quite awesome pictures of the night though.

We only stayed to listen to a little taste of Evil Scarecrow's set.  To be honest the crowd dynamic changed so dramatically that I found myself surrounded by far too many goth fairies and emos by the time they took to the stage.  We decided to head home as it was very late by this stage anyway.   I don't think we missed a great deal and I was shattered!!! :)

All in all the weekend has been lots of fun and thanks to the Royal Wedding and a Bank Holiday Monday it has also been veeeeryyyyy long! :D  Hurrah!

Photographs kindly provided by Doozr - tme / lazyrobot.