Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Women of Bloodstock 2011

So of course, being at Bloodstock and having a desire to promote women in metal, I had to check out the bands performing with a female member.

I trawled through the festival guide and found a good few bands on the Sophie Lancaster and New Blood stages.  There were not many on the Ronnie James Dio stage though - this was slightly disappointing.  Nevertheless I tried to get to as many sets as I could and I was not disappointed with what I found:

Sanguine - New Blood Stage - 
Lead Vocals: Tarin Kerrey

I've already mentioned this four-piece female fronted UK alternative metal band from Exeter.  Powerful, energetic and somewhat intimidating. I really did love it and the free EP CD I was handed the day before is now well played.

Cerebral Bore - Sophie Lancaster Stage - 
Lead Vocals: Som Pluijmers

Talking of intimidating.  Cerebral Bore are a female fronted death metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland.  They pulled a massive audience and demonstrated that they are a real death metal band to contend with.

Saturnian - New Blood Stage - 
Soprano Vocals: Lydia Bateman

Saturnian are a six-piece extreme symphonic metal band from the UK.  The New Blood tent was packed during their set and they really performed an impressive mixture of vocal styles and stage performance.

Evil Scarecrow - Sophie Lancaster Stage - 
Keyboard: Princess Luxury

This band just have to be seen live to really appreciate.  A five-piece parody metal band from Nottingham.  Really didn't disappoint the packed Sophie Lancaster tent and many people have since said it was the highlight of their weekend.

Northern Oak - New Blood Stage - 
Flute: Catie Williams

Northern Oak are a six-piece folk metal band from Sheffield.  I am a massive fan, an almost obsessive stalker and still completely blown away by their Bloodstock set.  Catie's flute just makes them all the more awesome.

Therion - Ronnie James Dio Stage - 
Vocals: Lori Lewis and Linnea Vikstrom

The only band I could find with female members on the main stage were Therion.  Therion are a Swedish symphonic metal band with two female vocalists.  I was close to the front for the set and thoroughly enjoyed their performance.  I have since acquired a number of items from their back catalogue.

There were two other bands I found but didn't get to see for one reason or another.

Candid Iniquity - New Blood Stage - 
Guitar: Francesca Dixon

This four-piece metal band from Manchester were on just a little too early for us on the Sunday and we didn't make it into the arena in time.  Having listened to them since I am even more disappointed to have missed them.  Perhaps they will be playing near Sheffield one day soon and I can make up for it?

Amaranthe - Sophie Lancaster Stage - 
Female Vocals: Elize Ryd

A six-piece Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metal band.  Having seen their most recent video before heading to Bloodstock I wasn't that fussed about seeing them so didn't make them a priority at the festival.  It appeared to be over produced pop metal trying to be Evanescence.  As much as I like a bit of pop metal every now and again this really didn't appeal to me during the festival.

In hindsight I should have made more of an effort to see them to see for myself what they were really like.

So there you have it.  A very swift round-up of the women playing at Bloodstock 2011.  In a way I hope there were others that I missed - not because I wish I had missed them, but because it would be great to see more women playing at festivals such as this.  If there were more that you know about please add a comment with the bands details so that I can check them out.

And you never know.  Perhaps next years line-up might include a few more lovely ladies on the main stage too?!