Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Women of Bloodstock 2011 - Update

Thanks to those of you who told me about two bands with female members that I missed from my previous post.  One of them I had completely forgotten about when I made the previous post and one I totally missed from the line up and actually left the New Blood tent seconds before they came on stage so that I could get something to eat.  Gutted!!

Nemhain - Sophie Lancaster Stage - 
Vocals: Amber Erlandsson / Vocals & Bass: Lisa Dickinson

Nemhain is a London-based rock/punk/gothic influenced band .  It was formed by Adrian Erlandsson formally of Cradle of Filth and his wife Amber Erlandsson.  They seem to take their influences from bands such as Nirvana and The Distillers and they have a very raw, punk sound.  I saw their picture in the programme while at Bloodstook and noted there were female members.  The picture was less than appealing I have to say and I didn't dash to see them perform.  In hindsight I should have just gone anyway and that would have made this summary much easier to write!!

The Furious Horde - New Blood Stage - 
Guitar: Mortiroth (Rachael Gater)

The Furious Horde are a dark symphonic metal band from Essex.  The band have been described as 'brutal yet beautiful' and they apparently perform on stage in full nightmarish costume, paint and character.  I am very annoyed to have missed this band, especially as they played immediately after Saturnian.  What can I say?  I genuinely had not realised they had a female member (no pre-festival research!  That will teach me) and I needed to eat!  There were so many awesome bands playing I couldn't possibly been expected to see them all? Could I?

Lesson learned.  Next year I shall research fully before I go and won't try and wing it while I am there! :D