Thursday, 13 October 2011

Female Metal Artist Database - Femetabase is LIVE!

After months of talking about creating a wiki or list of female metal artists, I am pleased and excited to announce that my vision is online and available to use. :D   Doozr has worked his socks off to create a bespoke and easy to use database which YOU can contribute to by making artist suggestions.

I have started the collection with a selection of the female artists I have been to see or will be seeing live this year.   This includes artists such as Simone Simons, Floor Jensen, Charlotte Wessels, Catie Williams, Cristina Scabbia and Sharen den Adel.

There is of course a lot of entries that I still need to make including the awesome artists I had the pleasure of seeing live at Bloodstock and a whole host of female metal artists to discover and add in the future.

I hope you enjoy Femetabase.