Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Forests, Folk Metal and Photography - October 2011

Having Doozr around is rather useful sometimes.  A great writer for The Mix Eclectic, a fantastic photographer for LazyRobot and a stupidly talented computer geek (creating femetabase most recently) - the boy is genius.  However, when he was asked to take some photographs for Northern Oak recently it was me he turned to for assistance of the lighting and reflector kind! :P

The first trip out into the Peak District was a bit of a washout - literally.  It was the first wet weekend of the summer and although we battled through, there was no way any of the photos would be good enough.  So on the 16th October we headed out again.

The resulting shots were fantastic and we had such a laugh creating them.

I'd really like to thank Northern Oak for calling me a 'glamourous assistant' in their recent newsletter seeing as I looked anything but glamorous during the shoot ...

Lighting Wench.

A great day had by all and a lovely set of Northern Oak photographs for the world to enjoy!