Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Releases - February 2012

February 2012 has me very excited for album releases.  As you would expect, some I have been eagerly anticipated for some time, others I have only just come across but will certainly be checking them out when they are released.

Eluveite - Helvetios
Vocals, Flute & Hurdygurdy - Anna Murphy
Vocals & Fiddle - Meri Tadic

Eluveite's fifth studio album Helvetios has just been released - my copy will hopefully arrive this week.  Eluveite are a Swiss Folk Metal band formed in 2002.  I absolutely love this band and have been looking forward to this album release for some time.  They have released two videos prior to the album release, The video for A Rose of Epona, the ninth track on the new album was released in January and features majority fem vocals.  The video for Havoc, the tenth track from the album was released in February.  They are both awesome tracks from what I anticipate will be a stunning album.

Wykked Witch - The Ultimate Deception
Vocalist - Ipek

Wykked Witch are a female-fronted black metal band from America, formed in 1994 by lead vocalist Ipek.   The Ultimate Deception will be their fifth studio album.

Xandria - Never Worlds End
Vocalist - Manuela Kraller

Xandria are a German symphonic metal band formed in 1997 with not only a new album, but also a new vocalist.  I have loved Xandria is in the past and from what I have seen online, the new vocalist Manuela has slotted into the band perfectly.  I am really looking forward to hearing this album.

Terrorizer - Hordes of Zombies
Guitarist - Katina Culture

Terrorizer are a grindcore and death metal band from the US.  They were originally formed in 1986 but have split and re-grouped a number of times.  Hordes of Zombies is their third full length album this time with Katina Culture on guitar following the death of original guitarist Jesse Pintado.

Lyriel - Leverage
Vocalist - Jessica Thierjung
Cellist - Linda Laukamp

Another folk metal band release an album in February.  German folk metallers Lyriel were formed in 2003 and Leverage is their fourth studio album release.  Lyriel mix hard rock and metal with elements of folk and celtic music.

Pythia - The Serpent's Curse
Vocalist - Emily Ovenden

Mixing classical and heavy-metal artists, Pythia are a symphonic metal band from London and were formed in 2007.  The Serpent's Curse is their second studio album release.  I have been really looking forward to hearing this album and if the track below is anything to go by I imagine it will be awesome!

Monarch - Omens
Vocalist - Emilie Bresson aka Eurogirl

French Drone Doom Metallers Monarch, release their new album Omens in February.  Formed in 2002, Monarch have apparently matured in their approach to creating music and the result has been described as surpassing expectations.

Ambrian Dawn - Circus Black
Vocalist - Heidi Parviainen

Releasing their fourth studio album, Circus Black are Ambrian Dawn; a Finnish symphonic power metal band formed in 2006.   Ambrian Dawn cite Finnish and Norse mythology; including the Finnish poem Kalevala as their influences and have used a real choir for this release.  I have to say I am looking forward to giving it a listen.

Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
Drummer & Percussionist - Adrienne Davies
Cellist - Lori Goldston

Earth release a new album in February - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II.  Earth are an American drone metal band formed in 1990 and closely linked with the Seattle grunge scene.  Videos of their new material was somehow difficult to find ... so here is the album art instead!

So there you have it.  Another month of 2012.  There is so much to look forward and it's only the second month of the year.  Can March top this?