Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Releases - March 2012

So I finally had some time to start researching femet releases for March.  I have to say I have struggled to find very many.  Bearing in mind that I am looking at albums that are being released in March in Europe or more specifically the UK.  Have I missed some amazing releases?  Please comment and let me know because I can't believe there are only 2 this month!!

Epica - Requiem for the Indifferent
Vocals - Simone Simons

Epica are a Symphonic metal band from Holland formed in 2002.  They have been releasing a layer by layer set of teaser videos leading up the the release of the album.  I saw them play live last year when they graced our fair city and it was without a doubt the best live performance I have ever seen - I am still waiting for something to top that night.  Requiem for the Indifferent is their fifth studio album.  I already have it on pre-order.  What more can I say?

Exilia - Decode
Vocals - Masha

Nu metal is not usually my thing, but having taken a listen I am actually really quite intrigued by this band.  Exilia are an Italian female fronted nu metal band formed in 1993.  Their new album is called Decode and is the bands fifth album to date.

So a short but sweet post.  Really not found many femet releases at all for March.  Hoping that April is a little more 'girl friendly'! :)