Sunday, 4 March 2012

Professor Elemental supported by Northern Oak and Kassandra Killjoy - Corporation, Sheffield - 3rd March 2012

Well Saturday evening was spent at Corporation, Sheffield enjoying an evening of Burlesque, Folk Metal and Steampunk Hip Hop.  An eclectic mixture I am sure you will agree.  It was of course amazing.  Northern Oak were as always, immense and played an amazing set to one of the best audiences I have ever had the pleasure of standing in.  In addition, Kassandra Killjoy provided sultry entertainment in between the main acts.

The Professor was as expected hilarious, wearing his trademark hat and goggles and providing the audience with renditions of such tracks as Splendid and Cup of Brown Joy.

Having watched this video after it was posted on Facebook by the band, I had to share it here.  The completely brilliant Professor Elemental with the utterly awesome Northern Oak peforming Fighting Trousers.  Watch it and wish you had been there too (unless of course you were in which cause ... Hurrah!)