Monday, 30 April 2012

New Releases - May 2012

May 2012 is another exciting month for femet releases in the UK.  Here are four I have come across so far:

Dawn of Destiny - Praying To The World
Vocals - Jeanette Scherff

Jeanette joined Dawn of Destiny in 2010, replacing founding member Tanja Maul on vocals.  Dawn of Destiny are a German power metal band and were formed in 2005.  Praying To The World is their fourth studio album release and the first to feature Jeanette on vocals.

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Pinata
Vocals - Annlouice Loegdlund

Diablo Swing Orchestra are a Swedish Avant-Garde metal band who were formed in 2003 and who come complete with a tongue in cheek back story.  Pandora's Pinata is their third album release and the first single from that album, Voodoo Mon Amour was released earlier in 2012.  This is of the same kind of awesomeness as Van Canto.  An utterly brilliant twist on traditional metal music and a really exciting find.

The Murder of My Sweet - Bye Bye Lullaby
Vocals - Angelica Rylin

The Murder of My Sweet are a Swedish symphonic metal band formed in 2006.  Bye Bye Lullaby is their third album.  Follow The Rain is taken from their 2010 album Divanity and has made me really keen to hear their new material which they claim to have taken down a darker path.

So there is May - have you heard about or are you looking forward to any other femet releases in May?  Get in touch and let me know so I can check them out!  I am personally looking forward to the releases expected in June 2012 - Delain's release date was finally announced for June along with The Agonists new album!!  Awesome.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Delain - We Are The Others Release Date

After months of not knowing when or even if Delain's new album 'We Are The Others' would be released I am pleased and excited by the news that they have finally been able to give us a release date!  The album will finally be available from June 4th with the single 'Get The Devil Out Of Me' being released on the 13th April. 

I saw this track played live last year when I went to see Delain in Manchester and it was fantastic.  I have been eagerly awaiting the new album since that night!  I am pleased to say that this year they are playing my own city of Sheffield, at Corporation and I am very excited to be seeing them again.

Their tour starts on the 14th April and they arrive in the UK on 12th May in Birmingham.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Releases - March 2012 - UPDATE

Recently I missed the release of debut album Breaking the Stillness from finnish female-fronted metal band Shear.   Having taken a listen to some of the previews on their website, this looks to have been a hugely successful debut!  It came out on the 28th March in the UK and features Alexa Leroux on vocals.

New Releases - April 2012

April sees a new collection of awesome femetal releases in the UK.

Eths - III 
Vocals - Candice Clot

Eths are a metalcore band from Marseille who formed in 1999.  They have developed a unique mix of styles to include nu, death, alternative and deathcore.  III is their fourth album release and their second with Season of Mist.   

Ignitor - Year of the Metal Tiger
Guitar - Beverly Barrington

Ignitor are a heavy metal band from Texas who were formed in 2003.  Their sound is a mixture of 80's thrash and heavy metal with a hint of new wave and this album is the bands fourth release.  Take a sneaky listen to 3 tracks from the new album:

Halestorm - The Strange Case Of ...
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar - Lizzy Hale

Halestorm are an American rock band from Pennsylvania.  They formed in 1998 and The Strange Case of ... is their second album.  This video showcases Love Bites (So Do I) which is taken from the new album.

Lullacry - Where Angels Fear 
Vocals - Tanja Lainio

Lullacry are a melodic gothic metal band from Finland.  Formed in 1998, Where Angels Fear is the bands fifth album release.  With a 7 year wait for this album - will it have been worth waiting for?  If this video for Bad Blood is anything to go by I should say it has been! 

Winter in Eden - Echos of Betrayal
Vocals - Vicky Johnson

Winter in Eden are a symphonic rock band from the UK.  With an ethos 'To produce and perform the music we feel compelled to create' they are a difficult band to pigeon hole into one genre.  As luck would have it, they are playing in a few weeks in Rotherham supporting DeeExpus through the Classic Rock Society.  I think a little trip out to see them might just be in order.  This video is a live performance of the track Suffer in Silence which appears on the new album.