Monday, 4 June 2012

A Bonus for Fans ...

I was just reading some band profiles on the Bloodstock website.  Having a look at who was playing and checking out all of the lovely ladies that are due to play over the weekend and I came across an article about Taiwanese metal band, Chthonic.

I was pleased to hear that they are one of Taiwans most active metal bands, that they have received awards in Taiwan and appear in their popular music charts, that their female basist has advocated a women's rights organisation, that their drummer works in music education and that their lead vocalist is active in human rights and social justice .  I was less impressed and slightly puzzled as to what merit the following paragraph has to the article or indeed the band itself?

"Meanwhile, Chthonic's bassist Doris -who was dubbed one of the sexiest female rockers by Revolver, and has been on magazines such as FHM and GQ- is a bonus for fans all over the world."

What exactly do they mean by 'a bonus'?  Do they mean an unbelievable bassist who is so amazingly talented in playing bass that fans should be grateful she decided to grace the band with her presence?!  Or do we think they mean she is just a bit of eye candy on stage and in videos to improve the aesthetics that accompany the bands music?!  Do you think I really needed to ask that question? *sigh*