Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Releases - July 2012

Another month and another set of femet releases.  I have been really enjoying these posts; finding out what is coming up and discovering loads of new bands.  It's an expensive hobby though and I have certainly been keeping Amazon afloat this year purchasing these awesome metal music releases.

Six Magics - Falling Angels
Vocals - Elizabeth Vasquez

Chilean power metal band Six Magics release their fifth studio album, Falling Angels, in July.   The band were formed in 1996 and have toured with bands such as Nightwish and Rhapsody.  Sic Magics mix latin American beats into their power, symphonic metal style and the results are wonderful.  The track 'Another Name' is taken from the new album:

A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay for Yesterdays
Violin, Flute, Vocals - Katie Stone (Katheryne, Queen of the Ghosts)

The Gentlemen's Club of a Forest of Stars are a UK based psychedelic black metal band formed in 2007.  They release their third album, A Shadowplay for Yesterdays in July.  Believing they are living in the 1890's and maintaining an impressive historical accuracy from the Victorian era, A Forest of Stars are certainly an interesting and complex set of musicians.  'Gatherer of the Pure' is taken from that new album and is possibly the creepiest video I have seen for some time.  It's quite lovely in an odd way.