Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Releases - September 2012

September sees another collection of femet releases hitting the shelves!  I should be spending this evening seeing Firewind and Leaves' Eyes playing Corporation in Sheffield, but am instead catching up with the September new releases post for your viewing pleasure.

Kittie - Not So ... Safe
Vocals & Guitar - Morgan Lander
Drums, Vocal & Piano - Mercedes Lander
Guitar - Tara LcLeod
Trish Doan - Bass Guitar

All female extreme metallers Kittie release their compilation album Not So ... Safe this month.  The album features a mixture of songs spanning the bands 13 year history.  I can't say I've really listened to a great deal of Kitties music in the past, but I have been aware of the bands presence in the metal music scene for some time and the successfulness of their careers as female metal musicians.   Morgan Lander, one of the founding members of the band combines growls with clean vocals.  She also manages bands as well as running a clothing line and a management company with her family.

The Gathering - Disclosure
Vocals - Silje Wergeland
Bass - Marjolein Kooijman

Formed in 1989 by brothers Hans and Rene Rutten, The Gathering has seen a variety of vocalists take the helm, including most famously Anneke Van Giersbergen .  Most recently Silje Wergeland took over as lead singer and joined bassist Marjolein Kooijman as female members of The Gathering ranks. Disclosure is the bands 10th studio album and the second with Silje as lead vocalist.

Therion - Les Fleurs du Mal
Vocals - Lori Lewis

Swedish symphonic metallers, Therion release Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) in September; the bands 15th album release.  The album is based on the famous poems of the same name by French poet, Charles Baudelaire and has been in the pipeline for a number of years.  The band finally decided to both finance and release this piece of work themselves to celebrate their 25th anniversary and is apparently only available from the band directly.  They hope to release it after their current Flowers of Evil tour, but in the meantime is only available from the merch stall at the gigs or direct from the bands website - Pre-Order Les Fleur Du Mal

2012 is really moving on a pace, I can't believe we are already in September.  There have been some awesome albums released so far and I know that the year is going to keep on getting better.  If you know of any femet releases coming up (perhaps from lesser known bands) please let me know via Twitter (@femetalism) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Femetalism), while remembering to follow and like! Until next month ... \m/