Monday, 20 January 2014

MaYaN to release their second album, Antagonise - February 2014

MaYaN are a dutch symphonic death metal band and the creation of Mark Jansen, Jack Driessen and Frank Schiphorst. In September 2013, MaYan announced that touring members from their first album, Quarterpast, would become permanent members going forward. This included soprano vocalist, Laura Macri along with clean vocalist Henning Base.  Rob van der Loo and Ariën van Weesenbeek complete the MaYaN lineup.

On 3rd February, MaYaN release their second album in the UK, Antagonise. The album was recorded at the Sandlane studio with producer Joost van den Broek (ReVamp, Stream of Passion). As well as adding to their permanent band members, they have also collaborated with a selection of musicians for this release, with guest appearances from Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ReVamp), Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) and the Greek virtuoso violinist Dimitris Katsoulis. The cover artwork for Antagonise was created by Stefan Heilemann, who previously worked on MAYAN's debut album.
The album is made up of the following tracks:

01. Bloodline Forfeit (featuring Marcela Bovio)
02. Burn Your Witches (featuring Floor Jansen)
03. Redemption ~ The Democracy Illusion (featuring Floor Jansen)
04. Paladins Of Deceit ~ National Security Extremism: Part 1
05. Lone Wolf
06. Devil In Disguise (featuring Marcela Bovio)
07. Insano (featuring Dimitris Katsoulis)
08. Human Sacrifice (featuring Marcela Bovio)
09. Enemies Of Freedom
10. Capital Punishment
11. Faceless Spies ~ National Security Extremism: Part 2

You can take a listen to a track from the album, Faceless Spies, here:

The band have also released a track-by-track teaser video for the album: