Thursday, 27 February 2014

Extreme Thursday: Abnormality

Enough of Wednesday. It's time for Extreme Thursday! This week's sonic intensity comes courtesy of death metallers Abnormality from Massachusetts.

Formed in 2005, the band's stated aim is to "bury the weak female fronted gimmick" of bands who only use a female front woman so the promo material looks good. They do that by playing violent, aggressive death metal with technical dexterity and driving grooves. Vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy delivers growls and guttural roars to put your soul on edge.

Abnormality deal with a combination of dystopian sociopolitical issues and horrific scenarios played out through consistently well written lyrics that balance with the chugging, grinding riffs and thunderous drums. The lyrics go far beyond viscera and handle the human impact of various topics including war, brainwashing, assassination and cannibalism.

Despite being around for almost nine years, Abnormality haven't released a lot of material. That being said, the music they have produced has been of a consistently high quality. This leads to the obvious conclusion that this is a band who care not just about putting out music, but about making sure it's up to scratch.

Abnormality's first 3 track demo was released and is available (along with the rest of the back catalogue) on Bandcamp. Starting how they meant to go on, the lyrical style has not changed much since this first outing.

Following on from this fine start, the band spent three years gigging, practising and honing. The resulting EP, their first foray into production quality music, demonstrates just how far they came. The quality on all fronts is ramped up; it's bigger, louder, more technical and more dense than the demo and all the better for it.

Fast forward two years and Abnormality wrote enough new material to take the their phenomenal debut forward and produce a full length. The result of this effort is Contaminating The Hive Mind. A video for one of the longer tracks, Fabrication Of The Enemy, about the continuing war against everything, is included here. Contains some graphic imagery, but then, that's what the song is about.

The band are currently preparing for the European "Less Than Human" tour (although, sadly, missing the UK) and Neurotic Deathfest 2014. No signs of any new material just yet, but as and when some appears, you'll hear about it as soon as we do!