Monday, 17 February 2014

Nocturnal to release third album, Storming Evil - February 2014

Nocturnal are a German thrash metal band born from the band Bestial Desecration in 2000 and with a vision to play teutonic thrash inspired by the German thrash metal scene. After two full length albums and a list of EPs and splits as long as your arm, they are preparing to release their first album in 4 years; Storming Evil.

Only the second to feature Tyrannizer (formerly of Necrosadistic Goat Torture) on vocals, the new album sets out to bring an even heavier slab of blackened thrash to your eardrums and promptly smash them into a million tiny bits.

Take a listen to Rising Demons, the first official video from the new album:

If you like what you've heard then grab the album from Amazon.

Track Listing:
Storm from the Graves
Rising Demons
Tyrants of Damnation
Preaching Death
Perish in Darkness
Crushing Thebones
Taken by Fire
Ripping Knives
Blessed Death
Ruthless Darkness

Band members:
Tyrannizer - Vocals
Avenger - Guitar
Vomitor - Bass