Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bandcamp Series: Lethe - When Dreams Become Nightmares (2014)

When Dreams Become Nightmares is the recent release from an experimental collaboration between Anna Murphy of Eluveitie and Tor-Helge Skei of Manes who came together in 2012.

The result is a genre bending musical extravaganza touching upon aspects of electronica, metal, jazz, pop, rock and trip hop.  It leaves you pretty speechless.

The whole listening experience is atmospheric, dark and completely refreshing.  It is impossible to categorize or compare because there is just nothing like this anywhere else.

The full album is available from Bandcamp for €6.66 EUR and is well worth the investment.

The album includes 10 unique tracks:
In Motion
Come Look At The Darkness With Me
Ad Librum
Love Pass Filter
No Reason
When Dreams Become Nightmares

I encourage you to give it a try!

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