Monday, 28 April 2014

Romantic Rebel release debut album - April 2014

Formed in 2012 by brother and sister Alex Vincent and KT Paige in Chicago Romantic Rebel have been rocking out, writing and touring ever since.  They cite influences such as Van Halen and Aerosmith and released a 4 track demo in 2012 .  The band were noticed quickly thanks to some savvy social media skills and electrifying live performances.  Because of this they have had the opportunity to work with a number of influential people in the music industry.

The band were signed to Pavement in 2013 and they went in the studio in Los Angeles with producer Ulrich Wild (ROb Zombie, SOiL, Static-X).  Their self-titled debut album hits the shelves tomorrow and promises to bring a riot of traditional female fronted hard rock.

Dirty Love Song was originally recorded for the demo, but once signed to Pavement the band returned to the studio to rework the track.  They also created this video:

The album can be pre-ordered here.