Sunday, 13 April 2014

Within Temptation & Delain @ O2 Apollo, Manchester

On Friday evening, we dashed home from work, jumped into the car and drove across the Pennines towards Manchester.  We were off to see Within Temptation supported by Delain.

Once we were safely parked up and after a long queue around the building we made our way into the venue.  The O2 Apollo is a great venue.  It has a sloping floor, great acoustics, three bars and easy access to toilets.  We didn't have long to wait once we were inside as Delain burst onto the stage at 8pm for a (shorter than I would have liked) 40 minute set.  The place was already packed, demonstrating how popular both the main act and the support were and we were quite a way back.

Delain's new album The Human Contradiction has recently been released and so the band mixed the new tracks from the album alongside some older classics - The Gathering being a favourite of mine.

The full set list included:
Go Away
Get the Devil Out of Me
Army of Dolls
Sleepwalkers Dream
The Gathering
Not Enough
We Are the Others

The band were on form and really seemed to be enjoying the Manchester crowd.  A high energy performance that didn't disappoint.

Here is an audience recording from the night:

And a few photos we managed to get despite being quite some way back:

At 9pm, Within Temptation came on stage.  The initial build up led to an explosive start to the performance with fire bursting from Hydra heads on a huge video screen.  An audience member managed to capture the opening set on video although you probably had to be there to feel the full intensity. ;)

Within Temptation's recent album, Hydra, came out in March and as you would expect they played a lot of tracks from that album as well as a good selection of older tracks, a cover and an acoustic track.

The full set included:
Dragon (Short Movie)
Let Us Burn
Paradise (What About Us?)
Edge of the World
In the Middle of the Night
Our Solemn Hour
And We Run
Tell Me Why
Elements Intro
See Who I Am
Stand My Ground
The Cross
Covered By Roses
Mother Earth

What Have You Done
Whole World Is Watching (Acoustic)
Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover)
Ice Queen

The whole performance was mesmerising with so much going on on stage, the music blasting all around the venue and Sharon's exquisite voice echoing through your ears.  Incredible.

We did manage to capture a few good shots from our distant positioning in the crowd.  There are a couple here, but the full set from the evening is available in our photo album.  Please take a look.

Following the Manchester gig they headed to London.  The tour continues through the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Ukraine with the following dates:

April 14 Newcastle (UK)
April 15 Glasgow (UK)
April 16 Birmingham (UK)
April 18 Frankfurt (GER)
April 19 Erfurt (GER)
April 20 Berlin (GER)
April 22 Toulouse (FR)
April 24 Lyon (FR)
April 25 Paris (FR)
April 27 Nantes (FR)
April 28 Lille (FR)
April 29 Antwerp (BE)
May 02 Amsterdam (NL)
May 03 Amsterdam (NL)
June 26 Milan (IT)
Oct  30 Kiev (UA)