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Bandcamp Series: Whispering Woods - Fairy Woods (2011)

Whispering Woods are a metal band from Romania.  Formed in 2010, the band released their EP in 2010 and their debut album Fairy Woods, in 2011.  The band is currently made up of Alexandra Burcă (soprano vocals), Corina Hamat (mezzo soprano vocals), Cătălina Popa (flute), Cora Miron (keyboards), Alex Dascăl (drums), Istvan Vladareanu (bass guitar) and Doru Căilean (lead guitar).

The band incorporates symphonic, gothic and doom elements into their music, providing an enchanting and atmospheric mood.  This track, Queen Medusa is taken from Fairy Woods.

Fairy Woods is a concept based on a story where the listener is the main character who takes part in an imaginary journey through a mystical place where everything is possible. The album can be downloaded from Bandcamp and includes a PDF to explain the story (no spoilers here you will have to download it to find out the full details).  It is available at 'name your price' and as always I encourage you to take a listen to the album and then support the band by paying a little something for the download.

The album is made up of 12 tracks:

Well Of Dreams
The Call Of The Trees
Ode To The Leviathan
Ghost In The Monastery
Realm Of Darkness (Darkwell Cover)
Black Wedding
Queen Medusa
Curse Of The Nightingale
... Of The End
Fairy Woods
Sleeping Angel
Death Of A Beautiful

The band are currently recording their next album which is due for release in early 2015.  They recently released this album teaser:

We will be keeping an eye out for this release and will keep you updated, so watch this space.

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