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INTERVIEW: Caelestis

Caelestis - an Italian alternative metal band formed in 2010, who have grown and evolved from an ambient/new age solo project into a fully fledged metal band.  Distinctive in sound and image, the blue ones are forging ahead supporting their 2013 EP release Helicardio and their single Io E Te Siamo La Luna as well as working on new material and an exciting collaboration.

Currently the band are made up of Cataldo Cappiello (Songwriting, Guitars), Vera Clinco (Vocals), Piero Avitabile (Keys) and Fabiana Figurati (Bass).

Founding member Cataldo Cappiello and lead singer Vera Clinco kindly agreed to answer a collection of random and rambling questions from yours truly about their past, their music, their EP, their passions and of course what the future holds for this young, vibrant and passionate group.

Can you give us a brief history of Caelestis?  

Cataldo: Caelestis was born in 2010 as a one-man project by me. At the beginning, it was an ambient/new age project. It then evolved into darker and more powerful forms, until I released, in 2012, 'Nel Suo Perduto Nimbo', which was in fact a black/industrial metal album in which singer Vera Clinco was featured in the track “Dove La Luce”.  People really liked Vera, so she entered the band permanently, together with drummer Flavio Staiano.

We then recorded an alternative-rock EP, named 'Heliocardio' which is at now our latest release. Caelestis recently began playing live, and we are soon going to record a new song with French black metal act Archenterum. Flavio left the band, and bass player Fabiana Figurati and keyboard player Piero Avitabile rolled in.

Until 2012 Caelestis was a one-man project.  Why did you decide to add to the line-up?

Cataldo: It was a fully natural process: working with Vera made us understand that summing up our strengths would lead to good results. Then, our desire to play live in the neighbourhood brought us to look for new band members, who soon arrived. The project is now much more powerful than when I was alone.

Vera: On my side I have to say, I enjoyed working with Cataldo since the first moment we started recording our first song together. There's a sort of 'artistic harmony' between us: when he has an idea for a song and he explains it to me, I nearly always feel like I wouldn't have been able to say it in a better way or differently, according to my way of thinking and feeling. Then of course we work and discuss about the development process but artistically talking we generally always agree. That's why making music together is as much fun as it is inspiring.

Can you tell us a little about each member of the band and what you were involved with before Caelestis?

Vera: ... now, that's a good question! Hahaha

Well, I met Cataldo thanks to his brother who was already a friend of mine. I think he heard something about the fact I sang in a rock/metal cover band at that time and he just asked me to feature on one of the songs - 'Nel Suo Perduto Nimbo'. I just remember I really enjoyed the experience but I was SO nervous as it was the first time I had recorded a song and I didn't know him that well. Anyway, from that moment on, like already said, we started working together and became very good friends.
Cataldo firstly looks like a very quiet, reflective and shy guy but if you manage to get to know him better, you'll soon discover he can be the opposite ... hahaha. Always in a very clever and 'refined' way though: he has a very nice sense of humour.

Talking about Piero, I had the chance of getting to know him better when he joined the band. He was one of the boys who sometimes hanged out with us and I knew he played the keyboards very well but I ignored the fact that he's a really nice guy and very mature for his age in my opinion - yes, he's the 'younger one', hahaha.

Fabiana is a very cute and cheerful chick; serious, focused and dedicated when she plays the bass but she easily plays along with us when the moment comes. I like her presence in the band, both of us are usually a bit 'tomboyish', so we have fun together.

Where did the name Caelestis come from and what is its meaning?

Cataldo: 'Caelestis' means 'Heavenly', 'From the sky' in latin language. It is referenced in the nature of our music: the lyrics and notes talk about high places and feelings. It is in the sky that artists live.

Vera: Our music, our messages, our lyrics, our look: since this project was born, every element has become more and more connected to the others. We just try to 'express', to communicate with everything we have at our disposal.

Can you tell us about the tracks on the most recent EP Heliocardio  - are there any lyrical themes and who wrote them?

Cataldo: I personally wrote all the music and lyrics on 'Heliocardio'. The whole album is a concept and it talks about cosmic love. Its tracks deal with the holy fire which burns into the heart of everyone who needs something more than regular feelings and life: the ones who feel the infinite!

It is a dialogue with a being made of fire, which lets the main character understand what dwells beyond the sky, and so in the deep of their soul. Many people asked me if this work was written for a woman: the answer is 'no'. The lyrics refer to a 'beloved one' because the true love is the one for the Everything: understanding that we are part of a flow is the key to happiness.

What inspired the video for lo E Te Siamo La Luna?

Cataldo: 'Io E Te Siamo La Luna is a song about coming out from the dark and discovering the truth, the reality that, in the end, is going to burn, but that is so wonderful right now.

The video talks as well about a being which comes out from the dark. A regular human, blind to the greatness of the whole, who teams up with a scientist to turn himself in an angel. The former human will now open his wings and fly away through different places and dimensions.

I leave here the link to the video, so that everybody can see it, if they wanted:

How would you describe the bands sound?

Cataldo: Speaking about Heliocardio, we are a gothic-ly mix of The Cranberries and Alcest. Elements of rock, metal, prog and electronic music merge together to create a unique sound.

Vera: It is obvious that our sound has developed and changed a lot since Cataldo started this project: he experimented from the first album, beginning from a real ambient production through new age, electronic music - whose influences are still present in Heliocardio - until the heavy industrial black metal sound of 'Nel Suo Perduto Nimbo'. Heliocardio was like discovering 'the bright side' in each sense, from music to themes.

What motivates you to make music?

Cataldo: I live to make music. That’s all. The creative process is one of the things I love most: to see a seed of a feeling slowly growing into a work of Art is, I think, the most elevating experience a man could live. And then, the chill down my spine when I record in studio, the suspense of the release, the adrenaline of live performing. If you could live on it, this would be the most beautiful job in existence.

Vera: My 'inner nature'. Making music is a spiritual and someway also physical, essential need: it's my way to fully and sincerely express myself, my way to show the deepest and truest part of me to the world. 'Singing is my confident speaking', as I've always said. When I sing, when I perform on stage, when I'm in touch with people that feel my soul through a microphone thanking me for that or that recognize themselves in our music, in any possible way... I'm more myself than ever. This helped me for years, so I can't be nothing different than glad and pleased when people are moved by our music or just like what we/I do.

We love the blue faces!  What inspired this?

Cataldo: It is said that the left eye is the one which can see beyond, the one that is able to see ghosts, maybe even the past… the blue is our “mascot”, it’s the colour of the sky and everybody decides itself the shape of the symbol on their left eye: that’s his/her personality.

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Which Caelestis song do you most enjoy playing live?

Cataldo: Surely 'Anatomia Spaziale', which is the song on 'Heliocardio' which I feel mine the most. Performing it live is an emotion I can’t tell in words… I should write a song on it, ahaha!

Vera: I feel a bit represented by each song but the one which I've always felt a strong connection to is 'Crollano Le Stelle'. Its melodic instrumental, the ethereal atmosphere it creates every time we play it but at the same time the pure energy it releases at some points - at least that's how we tried to structure it, haha, its lyrics... I just feel like 'nullified', in a good way, every time we perform it and I can sing it. Then of course I enjoy playing our single 'Io E Te Siamo La Luna' as the audience knows it better and it gives me lots of good vibes!

You recently announced a collaboration with French death metal band Archenterum. What can you tell us about that?

Cataldo: Our new single with Archenterum will be coming out across spring and summer… It will be named 'Spyglass' and will be the top-notch of our art.

Vera will be singing together with some BRUTAL scream/growl vocals, and we will release a videoclip for it too… everything else is a secret for now, but we will regularly release news on our Facebook page, which is, if you don’t know it, this one: https://www.facebook.com/caelestisofficial

What comes next for Caelestis?

Cataldo: After the release of “Spyglass” Caelestis will continue performing live here and there, and then we are planning on recording a full-length and making it even better than what we have done until now.

Thanks, Femetalism, for this interesting interview. A goodbye to the staff and all the readers. Hug you. Until next time!

Femetalism would like to thank Cataldo and Vera for taking the time to speak with us! We look forward to hearing more about the collaboration with Archenterum and the forthcoming full-length album. \m/

Now go, check out the bands EP on Bandcamp.  You can buy it for a 'name your price' value and I recommend you throw some cash their way. Take a listen to the tracks here, dig deep and support.

Also, check out this hilarious blooper video we came across lurking on YouTube.  It was recorded during the making of the video for Io E Te Siamo La Luna.

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