Friday, 16 May 2014

Supporting Indie Music: Unseelie - Urban Fantasy

Some months ago I talked about the rise of independent music artists and how they are turning to the Internet to help crowd fund their endeavors.

Take a look here at Northern Oak who have successfully funded and are due to release their new album soon and here at Stream of Passion who recently released their first crowd funded and fully independent album.

There are numerous bands undertaking this challenge at the moment, but French Gothic Metal band Unseelie really stand out.

With an EP (Unholy Light) under their belts and a desire to release their debut album, Urban Fantasy, the band are undertaking an IndieGoGo campaign to help make their concept album come to life.  They are a fully DIY band pouring not only their heart and soul but also their own cash into this project.
The band describe their sound and the debut album as:

"... blending mysticism and modernity, dreamlike atmospheres and darkness, power and melancholy. Choosing the urban fantasy as the common thread of this concept album enabled us to go even further in that direction: from the coldness of machines to the elation of life, we’ve explored all kinds of soundscapes with our instruments and arrangements, while the vocals have become much more versatile than before."

With an impressive collection of perks available for fans who contribute, the whole campaign is incredibly slick, well thought out and inviting; before you have even had a chance to listen to their music.

But listen to their music you must!

The campaign offers a range of prices to suit any budget and the band have offered full transparency on what the money will fund and what funding they themselves are putting into the project.  Be quick though!  The campaign ends on the 21st June.

Watch the campaign video here:

Pledge here:

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