Monday, 30 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: April Weeps - Outer Calm, Pain Within (2013)

April Weeps are an atmospheric metal band from Slovakia.  Their album Outer Calm, Pain Within was released in 2013.  The band are made up of N on 'vokills', Marta on vocals, Dex and Doki on guitars, Tosho on bass, Roland on drums and Stronghold on synths.

Femetalism recently interviewed the band.  If you haven't already seen the interview - check it! Highlights include how the name developed and why they rehearse in a nuclear bunker!! :)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bad Pollyanna @ Bad Pollyanna HQ, Huddesfield

Having first seen Bad Pollyanna back in 2010 supporting The Birthday Massacre, I have long since wanted to see them live again.  For a variety of reasons this just hasn't happened, until last night.  Bad Pollyanna announced an acoustic gig in Huddersfield on a date I could actually make and so I grabbed some tickets.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: DespairHate - Requiem For The Innocent (2013)

DespairHate is a French symphonic band created by Eric Palumbo (ex-Edenfall, Benighted Soul) in 2009.  In 2013, the band released their debut album Requiem for the Innocent.

Along with Eric on drums, the line up for Dispairhate since June 2012 also includes Nyx on vocals, Alex Harle on guitars and vocals, Jean-Marie Fauche on guitars and Flyshredd on bass.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

INTERVIEW: Reasons Behind

Reasons Behind are a gothic metal band from Italy.  They released their first EP in 2012 - Ouverture and are currently working on their debut full-length album - The Alpha Memory.  Recently the band spoke to Femetalism and answered a few questions about the band, the new release and the record label they hope will support them in releasing the new material.

(band) Hi and first of all thanks for supporting underground metal scene and for giving us the opportunity to be known through your page.

You are very welcome.  Let's start with a brief history of Reasons Behind?

(Gabriele) The band was officially born in 2010, from the ashes of a Gothic Metal band (something like After Forever, Within Temptation, early Lacuna Coil), when Elisa and Dario joined me as I was searching for someone interested not only in playing other bands’ stuff, but also in writing new songs.

Monday, 23 June 2014

New Release: Enemy of Reality - Rejected Gods (June 2014)

Greek Symphonic metallers Enemy of Reality are due to release their debut album this month.  Formed in 2013, the band are made up of a number of prolific artists: Lyric soprano Iliana Tsakiraki, guitarist Steelianos, keyboardist Marianthi, bassist Thanos and drummer Philip Stone.

The new album, Rejected Gods has been part funded by an Indiegogo campaign and will feature a number of awesome collaborations: Ailyn Giménez of Sirenia, Mike LePond of Symphony X, Androniki Skoula of Chaostar) and Maxi Nil Official of Jaded Star and ex-Visions of Atlantis.  The intro track, Medusa was composed by Christos Antoniou of Septicd Flesh / Chaostar.

Guest Post: The (Not So) United Kingdom of British Symphonic Metal

By Jarl Solheim

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this piece are the opinions of the author, Jarl Solheim, 
and do not reflect the opinions of Femetalism as a whole. 

Great Britain; the birth place of heavy metal and some of the iconic metal legends such as Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) and Rob Halford (Judas Priest) to name a few. Despite this, the metal scene these days is heavily domineered presently by acts from Europe and the US – Of course, this isn’t a bad thing since there are a number of brilliant acts from both Europe and the US.

Narrowing my scope down to what is my preferred style of metal – symphonic metal – the scene is vastly enforced by our European metal siblings, with bands such as Epica, Within Temptation, Delain and Serenity amongst many more. If we start to include the symphonic extreme metal bands then we have the likes of Norwegian stalwarts Dimmu Borgir, Dutch powerhouse MaYaN and Italian maestros Fleshgod Apocalypse keeping the European scene strong. But where does this leave the UK? At the bottom of the list, unfortunately, when it comes to symphonic metal bands (even Britain’s esteemed Cradle of Filth isn’t spoken of as frequently as they once were). 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

New Release: Severnica - Long Lost Longing (June 2014)

Severnica is a 5-piece symphonic metal band from Turku, Finland, who have recently released their debut EP - Long Lost Longing.

The band is made up of Maarit Nieminen on vocals, Teemu Tolmunen on keyboards, Tuomo Schwela on guitar and additional vocals, Timo Vilppu on bass and Ville Vainio on drums.  Lauri Pälvimaa also played guitar on the EP but is no longer in the band.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: Terminatryx - Shadow (2014)

Terminatryx are a female-fronted Alternative/Metal/Industrial-Rock band based in Cape Town.  Formed in 2002, the band released their third full-length album in April 2014, part funded by an Indiegogo campaign. Terminatryx blend hard and electronic music with that of the moods created by Sci-Fi, Horror and Extreme movies.  The music is unique and even more so in the band's native South Africa.

The current line up is Sonja Ruppersberg on lead & backing vocals,  Paul Blom on guitars, bass, programming, drums, synths and backing Vocals , Patrick Davidson on guitar and Ronnie Belcher on drums.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Extreme Thursday Presents: Hyperial and Karkaos

After last Thursday's little foray into a more varied format, it seemed fitting to present a couple more bands for your perusal that I came across while idling away a quiet Thursday afternoon on Bandcamp.

Quite a distinctive pair of bands, we have a melodic death metal band and a blackened death/industrial outfit from almost opposite sides of the globe; Montreal's Karkaos and Hyperial from Dobre Miasto, Poland. Each of these bands has only an EP and a single full length to their name, but each have proven themselves with quality, style and high production values. There are even a few videos to enjoy.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Top Tips: Social Media for Musicians

Social media is a powerful tool, especially for bands.  It allows you to connect with a worldwide audience, promote and share your music, talk to fans, get feedback and have fun.  Often though, social media is something that bands know they need to embrace, but they just don't know how to effectively make use of it. Social media success is slow, but with commitment and time it can be your most lucrative ally.

So, you've got your accounts set up, you've selected good photos for your profile picture and banners, you have been plugging your accounts at all the gigs you've done and on all of your flyers, you have a couple of family members and the odd local fan already following you and your drummer (or the most social savvy member) has agreed to manage the account.  Now what?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Pyrah are a 4-piece progressive metal band from France who were formed in 2012 and released their debut album Who am I? in March 2014.  Femetalism recently had a chat with the band about the band, their new album and their hopes for the future.

Can you tell us about Pyrah?  How did the band come together?  How would you describe the bands sound?

We met as Lucy (drums) and Stéphanie (vocals) were looking to form a new band together after playing together in another project. They found Olivier (bass guitar) who wanted to experience Metal as a new way of expression. Jean-Loup (guitar) was also trying to start a band. It was just good timing!
Describing the band sound it no easy task, especially since we've been confronted with it for some time already. For sure, it is dynamic. There are strong rhythms and a lot of accents, but also melodies that are quite present. Putting both together, we want them to be telling stories. The themes are not quite as dark or cutting, but it gives us more freedom to let their message be delivered.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

New Release: Noisy Toyz - Forever One (June 2014)

Noisy Toyz are a 4 piece symphonic rock band from Hampshire UK who were formed in 2008 by guitarist/songwriter Mars Marshall. The band initially released industrial rock albums Toybox and Playing with my Mind but then sought out new inspirations.

After finding inspiration in musicals, opera and classical music, they added orchestral textures to their third album The Fate of Dreams and featured female vocalist Eleonora.  They released Fallen Angel and Immortal Life from the album and acquired fans across Europe, USA, South America and Russia.

Building on the success of The Fate of Dreams, Noisy Toyz have now released their fourth album, Forever One.  This album features the vocal talent of Lisa Axworthy, who has a musical and opera background. Lisa has a haunting soft sweet voice but can reach powerful crescendo operatic high notes when needed.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: The Hourglass - Through Darkness and Light (2014)

The Hourglass are a female fronted metal band, formed in Romania in 2010. The band's music consists of a combination of symphonic metal elements, industrial sounds and a dramatic soprano voice, all based on a strong melodic metal structure.

The band are made up of Alma Vomastek on vocals, Ioana Dîrvă on keyboards, Cristian Florea on bass, Vlad Negrea on guitar and Bogdan Mara on drums.

In 2012, the band released a demo album called Requiem and in 2013, they started an Indiegogo campaign to release their first full-length album, Through Darkness and Light.  The album was released in March 2014.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Extreme Thursday: Presents ...

If there's one thing I've learned about Thursdays, it's that they're all the same. Well, today we're bucking that trend and trying something a bit different. Sometimes we come across extreme metal bands that haven't been around long, or don't have an extensive oeuvre. Extreme Thursday has featured a number of long standing bands, but how best to showcase these tasty underground morsels of fresh meat?

And so we have Extreme Thursday Presents. A short showcase of a number of bands whose musical output makes up in quality what it lacks in quanity.

This week we have the pleasure of introducing you to an exciting selection of young melodic death metallers and filling the next 15 minutes of your life with awesome extremity. Read on.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


La-Ventura are a Dutch female fronted melodic Metal/Rock band founded in early 2007 and are made up of Carla van Huizen (Vocals), Sasha Kondic (Guitars), Mike Saffrie (Bass) and Renzo van Poecke (Drums).  The band have released a demo, two EP's and two full-length albums, the most recent of which is the awesome White Crow.

Recently I was lucky enough to interview La-Ventura about the band, their album and much more ...

Can you tell us a little about La-Ventura? 

Mike: La-Ventura is a band from The Netherlands, which plays a blend of Metal and Rock with female vocals as lead. We have now had our second album out called “White Crow”, released by two labels here in Europe. Started back in 2007 in the eyes of the public as a Gothic band, we found our own groove, resulted in the first album “A New Beginning”.  With all the experiences from the first album, we set out to do an even better job for the second album, not only music wise but also the whole productions of it was done highly professional. With “White Crow” now out, the band has received many praise of the new style of music, but also the production itself has been the talk in the reviews and interviews. A new chapter has unfolded, where we will see how far we can take it, so stay tuned!

Monday, 9 June 2014

New Release: Anathema - Distant Satellites (June 2014)

Today is the day that British progressive rock band Anathema release their tenth studio album - Distant Satellites. Anathema started life as a death/doom band and touched upon a Gothic sound throughout the years, however, Anathema are now firmly placed as one of the greatest progressive rock bands of our time.

The current line up includes brothers Vincent Cavanagh (lead vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, programming, backing vocals) and Daniel Cavanagh (co-lead vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, piano) along with Lee Douglas (lead vocals, co-lead vocals, backing vocals), John Douglas (e-drums, percussion, keyboards, programming), Daniel Cardoso (drums) and Christer-André Cederberg (bass guitar, producer, mixing).

Sunday, 8 June 2014

New Release: Arch Enemy - War Eternal (June 2014)

Swedish melodic death metallers Arch Enemy hit the headlines recently when front-woman Angela Gossow stepped down after 14 years at the helm and Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist took over.

Much controversy followed with people up in arms that Angela might actually want to do something else ... which to be fair still means she has a great deal of involvement with the band, as their manager And many people feeling that Alissa wasn't up to the task, despite Angela being a driving force behind the decision for her to join.

On the 9th June the band release their ninth album - War Eternal and it's finally time for them to prove that Alissa was indeed a good choice to take over the front spot.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Supporting Indie Music: Edenfall - Music Video for Wolves

U.K Gothic Doom Metal band, Edenfall are currently running a PledgeMusic campaign in order to raise funds to go towards filming a top-quality, suitably gothic music video for the song, ‘Wolves’ off their new album, Under Sultry Moons and Velvet Skies.

For those who pledge there are a host of goodies on offer including:

  • The new album in digital or physical formats (signed copies available as well)
  • Personalised video tutorials on how to play their songs
  • Original artwork by singer, Clare Webster, with your choice of subject matter
  • Signed limited edition prints of the Under Sultry Moons and Velvet Skies album artwork
  • Handmade leather wolf mask which will be used in the music video
  • Track mastering by Rob George (Guitars/Vocals) as well as other goods on offer to pledgers
Click here to access the PledgeMusic campaign page and take a look at a stream of the track they want to make the video for here:

Follow the band on:


Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Extreme Thursday: Malevolentia

Some Thursdays don't come easy, some Thursdays don't come hard. Some Thursdays don't come at all and ... hang on, that's Meatloaf ... What am I doing?

Oh yes, Thursdays. They creep up on the back of Wednesday and slap you in the face with their mere existence. But when Thursday has you beat and the week just won't seem to just die, there is one way to get through. French symphonic black metal.

 Yes, you heard me. And this week our aural delights are coming from the vocal chords of a woman who is only known as Spleen. Vocalist for French black metal blasphemists Malevolentia, they have set out to bring a high quality brand of epic symphonic black metal to the ears, brains and guts of the world.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: Pyrah - Who Am I? (2014)

French metal band Pyrah don't like to pigeon hole themselves into a specific metal genre.  Instead they call their music organised noise.  With a unique sound including what they describe as sweet and sour vocals Pyrah's first album release Where Am I? certainly caught my eye.

Monday, 2 June 2014


Mongrel is a female fronted aggressive rock band with punk and metal influences that was started in 2003 and is based in Boston, MA.  Originally featuring a male vocalist, the lead vocalist spot came up in 2010 and Jessica Sierra stepped up.  The band have gone on to tour and release a number of EP's and an album as a female fronted ensemble.  On June 3rd they release their new EP - Evolution.

Founding member Adam Savage spoke to Femetalism recently about the band, their new release and their future plans.