Monday, 30 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: April Weeps - Outer Calm, Pain Within (2013)

April Weeps are an atmospheric metal band from Slovakia.  Their album Outer Calm, Pain Within was released in 2013.  The band are made up of N on 'vokills', Marta on vocals, Dex and Doki on guitars, Tosho on bass, Roland on drums and Stronghold on synths.

Femetalism recently interviewed the band.  If you haven't already seen the interview - check it! Highlights include how the name developed and why they rehearse in a nuclear bunker!! :)

Outer Calm, Pain Within features 11 tracks:

Sacrificial Rite
Outer Calm, Pain Within
Forever Falling
Waiting For The Sun
In A Hurry
Positive Energy
Faded Memory
Pass Away

It was recorded, engineered and mastered in 999th Studio by Michal Koleják and Jozef Minárik, September – December 2012.  Art direction, artwork and booklet design executed by Marius Sachtikus Photography.

One of the things I love about this album is the attention to detail - all the tracks on the digital album have their own individual album artwork and the physical CD comes with a 24 page booklet (I have to admit I just ordered the physical CD despite already having the digital version just so I could look at the booklet).

As for the music, it's atmospheric, dark and doomy.  It incorporates a lot of synths along with gothic metal, doom metal, symphonic metal and melodic death metal. The beautiful vocals from Marta coupled with the husky growls of N are just sublime. Sorry, I love this album - did I mention? ;)

Please check out the band and support them on Bandcamp.

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