Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bandcamp Series: Pyrah - Who Am I? (2014)

French metal band Pyrah don't like to pigeon hole themselves into a specific metal genre.  Instead they call their music organised noise.  With a unique sound including what they describe as sweet and sour vocals Pyrah's first album release Where Am I? certainly caught my eye.

Pyrah combines 4 musicians: Stéphanie (Clear vocals & growls), Lucie (Drums), Jean-Loup (Guitars) and Olivier (Bass).  They all have really different influences that have been brought together in a single project with fun and originality for a motto.

The album includes 13 tracks:

Entering The Maze
All Will Die
Who I Am
Fairy Tells
Dear Diary
Sea You, Atlantis
When Voices Quiet Down (Instrumental)
Stand Tall
Lack Of Words

and can be purchased from Bandcamp for just €8.  Check out the album and support independent metal!

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism