Tuesday, 24 June 2014

INTERVIEW: Reasons Behind

Reasons Behind are a gothic metal band from Italy.  They released their first EP in 2012 - Ouverture and are currently working on their debut full-length album - The Alpha Memory.  Recently the band spoke to Femetalism and answered a few questions about the band, the new release and the record label they hope will support them in releasing the new material.

(band) Hi and first of all thanks for supporting underground metal scene and for giving us the opportunity to be known through your page.

You are very welcome.  Let's start with a brief history of Reasons Behind?

(Gabriele) The band was officially born in 2010, from the ashes of a Gothic Metal band (something like After Forever, Within Temptation, early Lacuna Coil), when Elisa and Dario joined me as I was searching for someone interested not only in playing other bands’ stuff, but also in writing new songs.

The first line-up included a different drummer, who left the band and his music career in 2012, but no steady bass player.  Enrico joined Reasons Behind in Summer 2012, a few months after the Ouverture EP's release, while Riccardo became our drummer in October 2013, during the pre-production phase of The Alpha Memory, just in time to write the new album’s drums his way.

Can you tell us a little about each member of the band?

(Elisa) I’m Reasons Behind’s voice and I deal with the organisational & promotional details (booking events, social network, etc.).

(Gabriele) I play all guitars, write music (along with Dario) & lyrics and when I can I also deal with graphic issues (website, flyers, etc.).

(Dario) I play keyboards & piano and deal with songwriting and arrangements together with Gabriele.

(Enrico) In the band I play bass and take care of minor sound engineering issues (bases, monitors, etc.).

(Riccardo) I’m the brand new drummer of Reasons Behind.

What inspired the band name Reasons Behind and what is its meaning?

(Gabriele) The name of the band came by chance, while I was writing lyrics for what would become one of Ouverture’s songs: I was wondering about deceit and the true reasons behind things, what lies under the surface … even though in the end that sentence got deleted, we all found that the two words just sounded good, so we found our moniker.

How would you describe the band’s sound?

(Elisa) Well, this is one hell of a question. For sure we're a female fronted Metal band, but our sound dramatically changed from the EP: when we wrote Ouverture we could define ourselves a Symphonic Metal band, but in this new work all orchestration are gone, we gravitate towards more synth sounds and less operatic influenced Metal and our guitar – bass – drums combo is a bit Swedish Metal inspired.
If we had to label our music at the moment, maybe we can say we’re a female fronted modern metal band with both aggressive and electronic approach.

What artists or styles influence you?

(Dario) I think we can’t point out one single influence, since we evolved from a genre to embrace many others. Each member of the band listen to many genres of music and draws inspiration from different bands: some of us listen to Power and Speed Metal, some others prefer Death Metal or Brutal Metal as well as Symphonic or Progressive Metal; someone also likes 80s and 90s dance music.

When we write a song everyone naturally brings his/her musical vision, then we try to mix them all together, so you can find aggressive riffs, acoustic piano parts, heavy use of synths and Elisa sings with both classical and modern technique.

Just to name a few we could say Symphony X, our countrymen Vision Divine or maybe Kamelot.

Can you tell us more about your first release - Ouverture? 

(Gabriele) Ouverture was our first work ever and even if it was clear in our mind that we didn’t want to be another Nightwish – style band, we were still trying to define our true musical identity, so the experiments out of the Symphonic Metal world were quite few.

The EP received good reviews from Italian and foreign press: it especially became demo of the month on Italian magazine Metal Maniac and let us be nominated in the “Best Newcomer Of The Year” category at Metal Symphonique Awards (France). But what we’re proud of the most was the EP had very positive reactions from people all around the world. We received many orders from Europe, United States, South America and also from Japan, and one of our fans even shared a video he made with a song from Ouverture!

You are currently working on a new album - can you tell us more about it and when it will be released?

(Gabriele) The Alpha Memory is our first full length and is a concept album: I don’t want to spoiler too much about the story, but I can say it talks about the link between memories and identity. We spent a lot of time working on the plot, the lyrics and the music, because we wanted to create something more than a bunch of songs to listen: every track is a chapter of the story and we tried to create the right atmosphere across the whole album. For the graphics we addressed to Gustavo Sazes, who worked for such bands as Angra, Arch Enemy and Amaranthe: he read the story and created an amazing artwork that really fits with the plot and the lyrics.  In conclusion we tried not to leave anything to chance.

We’ve just ended the mix & master phase, so we can start our search for a label: the release date will depend on the result of our quest, but we hope it will be between Fall and Winter…

What motivates you to make music?

(band) Music is something extraordinary: sometimes it can be the best way to express how you feel, it can help you remembering the good times and fighting the bad ones, it can connect strangers just because they have similar tastes. So when a fan, after a long day of work, drives 200 km just to see you playing for an hour…well, you know it's worth every sacrifice you may make.

What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Reasons Behind song do you most enjoy playing live?

(band) The best thing about playing live is seeing people affected by your music, whether that’s them by dancing or singing or just talking with you at the end of the gig. In these years we met many wonderful people, in and out the stage, who share the same passion we have: nothing compares to such emotions.

(Elisa) Beyond doubt my favourite song is The Alpha Memory’s title track: it’s the most dramatic moment in the story, some parts of the lyrics do move my heart every time I sing them.

(Gabriele) It may change, depending on the period of my life, on how I feel inside…at the moment I guess my favourite RB’s song is 'The Ghost Under My Skin', from the new album.

(Dario) The song I like playing the most is 'Under The Surface', from The Alpha Memory: I think it’s the track that represent the best the new sound of the band.

(Enrico) 'The Chemical Theater' is indeed the song I like the most.

(Riccardo) My favourite song is 'The Ghost Under My Skin', for its aggressive sound.

What does the future hold for Reasons Behind?

(Elisa) First of all we have to find a label interested in releasing The Alpha Memory and in our project, then we’ll focus all efforts on promoting the album: we’re planning to make a video, and we’ll surely play the more gigs we can, in Italy and abroad, because live activity is the most important trial and one of the real meanings of being a musician.

Since the concerts will be all (or mainly) about the concept album, we’d like to translate the performance into an all – round show by adding elements that can help people not just listen to the songs but live the story as it unfolds through the music. It’s quite hard to define all the details, but we hope that in the end everything will turn into a great experience.

A huge thank you for Reasons Behind for speaking with Femetalism.  We wish you loads of luck in finding that label and are looking forward to hearing The Alpha Memory when it is released!

Follow the band on:

Website - soon to be re–styled in accordance with the new album’s artwork

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.