Thursday, 31 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014 New Blood Stage

The final day of our Bloodstock Previews and we end with the New Blood Stage, a stage filled to bursting with truck loads of unsigned talent - the majority of which will have battled their way through heats to win their valuable spot.

Although few and far between, the New Blood Stage will be welcoming a small selection of unsigned ladies. Here is a quick look through:

Extreme Thursday Presents: Grimtotem, Dreaming Dead and Sanctus Nosferatu

Thursday is once again upon us. The summer weeks are drawing on and the black attire of the Femetalism crew is proving increasingly unsuited to this damnable day star's constant barrage of heat. With Bloodstock Open Air on the horizon some reprieve from the hideous, ever-present tones of Happy emanating from every radio, stereo and television. I don't want happy. I want bleak.

On the subject of bleakness, this week for Extreme Thursday we're going to look at quite a range of different styles and genres of extreme metal that all pull in some sort of blackened influence. From the folk-ish overtones of Grimtotem to the grim tones of Sanctus Nosferatu and the melodic growls of Dreaming Dead, a certain hidden blackness is evident in each band's sound while never being out-and-out black metal. A little bleakness for every occasion.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014 Jägermeister Stage

Day three of our Bloodstock preview takes us to the Jägermeister stage, a semi-acoustic alternative to the full blown performances sponsored and promoted by the best worst drink on the planet. A perennial favourite, the Jäger performances are intimate affairs with only a few dozen attendees standing within inches of the bands leading to some epic rocking, moshing and folk dancing.  This stage has always been a Femetalism favourite due to bands such as Northern Oak, Splintered Soul and Andraste playing there over the years.

This year, we welcome a bumper selection of metal women with 5 bands over the course of the weekend:

New Release: Mortals - Cursed to See the Future (July 2014)

Brooklyn-based Mortals have recently released their second full-length on Relapse Records. After a demo, an EP and their debut album Encyclopedia of Myths, the band have stepped up their game to produce a record that defies genre. Taking their hardcore beginnings and overlaying it with black metal riffs and melody, sludge grooves and a hit of post-metal soundscape and you get an epic masterpiece.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014 Sophie Lancaster Stage

So, day two of our preview to Bloodstock 2014. Today we are focusing on The Sophie Lancaster Stage, so named after Sophie Lancaster herself.  If you don't know the story behind Sophie - then you should check out The Sophie Lancaster Foundation website.  In short, Sophie was beaten and later died of her injuries because of the way she was dressed.  She and her boyfriend were viciously attacked for being Goths.

Since her death, her mum, family, friends and supporters have been working hard to Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere (S.O.P.H.I.E).  Primarily their work revolves around educating people about the various subcultures that exist in our society and encouraging more understanding and acceptance of those cultures. It is really great work that needs to be shared, embraced and encouraged.

Bandcamp Series: True Widow - Circumambulation (2013)

True Widow are a band originating from Dallas, Texas, who are mixing up your shoegaze with an element of stoner metal to create a heavy shoegaze sound that challenges what you understand of those genres and leaves you pretty engrossed.

The band are made up of DH Phillips on guitar/vocals, Nicole Estill on bass/vocals and Slim TX on drums and Circumambulation is their third full length release since they formed in 2007.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014 Ronnie James Dio Stage

With Bloodstock Open Air 2014 just around the corner here is the first of a daily series this week on what we at Femetalism are looking forward to seeing at the festival.  So today, we start with the Ronnie James Dio Stage.  I have to say that there has been a lacking over the last few years of women on the main stage but this year there is a definite increase, albeit with just 4 bands.


Revenant are a Welsh heavy rock metal band who formed in 2013.  They released a 2 track demo in September 2013 and on the 1st August 2014, they release their first EP - Tundra, alongside a Welsh tour supporting The Self Titled.

Recently, lead vocalist Anna Williams took some time to talk to Femetalism about the band and their new EP.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014

August is almost here and for Femetalism this means it's not long until Bloodstock Open Air - a heavy metal festival held annually at Catton Hall in Walton-on-Trent, England, since 2005.   Bloodstock Open Air was conceived as an extension of the original Bloodstock indoor festival which ran from 2001 until 2006 at Derby Assembly Rooms and quite frankly it is awesome.

This years line-up features headliners Down, Emperor and Megadeath on the main stage, along with a host of home grown and international bands across the Ronnie James Dio Stage, Sophie Lancaster Stage, Jagermeister Stage and of course the brilliant New Blood Stage (showcasing loads of lovely unsigned goodies).

Not one for after the fact reviews, Femetalism thought it best to put together a preview of the festival and pick out the bands we are looking forward to getting a listen to over the course of the weekend.

Each day this week we will pull apart the line up from each stage and give you a heads up of the bands we think you should be checking out at this years Bloodstock! It's going to be epic.

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.

Friday, 25 July 2014

November-7 - Awaraxid 7mg (April 2014)

I love a good concept album - sometimes it's just nice to have a theme and a back story to get yourself into with the music.  Swiss metal band November-7 recently released one such album, giving life to the story in a whole new way.  A thorough and immersive concept that makes you double take and question whether it might actually be real.

Caelestis release their collaboration with Archenterum - Spyglass

Back in May, we interviewed Italian alt metal band Caelestis where they talked about an upcoming collaboration with French death metal band Archenterum.  The track has now been released and is sounding pretty damn awesome!

Check out the video:

Follow the bands on:



Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Extreme Thursday: Cadaveria

Ah, a return to form. A return to dispensing with the horror of Thursday with a bit of something horrific. This week we're looking at a bit of a hydra; one name, two entities. A woman, a band, a personal crusade of metal macabre.

Italian born Cadaveria is a singer/songwriter who first rose to fame as the vocalist of symphonic metal band Opera IX, but this relationship was relatively short lived. Feeling constricted by the limited range of styles and philosophies of Opera IX, Cadaveria left the band along with drummer Alberto Gaggiotti. Her desire to not be pigeon-holed as an "occult" metal singer led her to start a project of her own; a form of self-expression, her personal vision. In line with this intent, the band is named for its formidable front-woman, CADAVERIA.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New Release: Aonia - Sunchaser (July 2014)

UK based Aonia are releasing their second EP on 25th July entitled Sunchaser.  The band was formed by drummer Tony Gaskell and vocalist Melissa Adams in 2010 with James (guitar) joining soon after. Gary (bass) joined the band in January of 2012 and Przemek 'Slick' Druzkowski (guitar) joined in February of 2013. In mid-April of 2013 the band added a second vocalist, Joanne Robinson to the line-up.  In May of 2013, Tim 'The Machine' Hall joined on keyboards, giving the band a fuller, more epic sound.

INTERVIEW: DespairHate

DespairHate is a French symphonic band created by Eric Palumbo (ex-Edenfall, Benighted Soul) in 2009.  We recently featured the bands 2013 debut album Requiem For The Innocent on Femetalism and were given the opportunity to get to know the band a little more when Alex (guitars and clean vocal) and founding member Eric (drums) agreed to answer some questions from us.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Curvature - Be{lie}ve (2013)

Curvature hail from Aylesbury, UK and combine the fast, heavy riffage of traditional metal with massive pop hooks and powerful vocals.  In July 2013 the band released an EP through Ravenheart Music - Be{lie}ve.  Earlier this year the band made some line-up changes resulting in a new vocalist and a new keyboard player.  The band are also currently searching for a violin player to add to their ranks.

Be{lie}ve features 4 tracks:

Hide and Seek
Far Away
Demon Host

Monday, 21 July 2014

Bandcamp Series: Mobius - Demo (2013)

Mobius is a French modern progressive metal band. They are very new on the scene and this release on Bandcamp is their first Demo, which will be followed sometime later this year by their first EP - The Line. Formed on the Reunion island by Adrien (drums), Anthony (guitar) and Guillaume (keyboards), the band became Mobius in France when Héli (vocals) and Julien (bass and vocals) joined the ranks.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Evyltyde New Single KILLER out 21st July!

London metallers, Evyltyde will be releasing their second single "Killer" on the 21st July 2014. It is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and will be available worldwide from all the major online digital retainers from the release date.

EVYLTYDE are a British metal band based in and around the London area who bring the sound of traditional, classic metal into the modern age with a mix of killer riffs, searing power chords and melodic vocals!!!

Friday, 18 July 2014

INTERVIEW: enkElination

There are not many UK metal bands that have grabbed peoples attention quite like enkElination. With a number of high profile support slots in London and recently announced for the Jagermeister Stage at Bloodstock 2014, the band are now looking forward to releasing their debut album.  Luckily for us, they took some time to speak to Femetalism about the band, the new album and their plans for the future.  We were also fortunate enough to grab all 4 of them for this exclusive whole band interview.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Melodic Thursday: Temtris

Thursday is once again upon us, and the week is drawing to a close, just like every week. Some things are constant, some things are expected. This week I have been listening to something a bit different, and yet a bit familiar. Something traditional, but incorporating the extreme.

Formed in Queensland in 2002, Temtris produce a form of dark melodic metal. This seems to mean a traditional heavy metal style with death and black metal influencing the riffs, vocals and lyrics. And indeed it seems to be so, with intricate riffing from Anthony 'Fox' Roberts, deep melodic vocals from Genevieve Rodda, and death growls from Llew Smith. Unusually for a band employing growls, the harsh vocals are kept in the background. It is Genevieve's melodic vocal that takes centre stage.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bad Pollyanna release teaser for "Invincible Girl" - The official charity single in support of S.O.P.H.I.E.

It has been kept secret for months now, but finally Bad Pollyanna have released a minute long teaser of their upcoming single "Invincible Girl"!

The song, a favourite amongst their fans, has been re-arranged and re-recorded in anticipation of its release. The single itself is due out on August 11th in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and will feature a subsequent Invincible Girl merch range, CD, Download and 7" Vinyl Pressing to be sold over at the Bad Pollyanna store, Illamasqua store and the foundation's website.

Cult makeup brand Illamasqua and its founder Julian Kynaston have been long time supporters of S.O.P.H.I.E. - even naming a number of their products after the foundation and donating a portion of profits from sales.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bandcamp Series: Hegemony - Awakening (2013)

Polish band Hegemony released their debut EP Awakening at the end of 2013.  Describing their music as progressive/gothic rock/metal this band have created an incredibly progressive sound with really beautiful, soaring vocals.

Friday, 11 July 2014

INTERVIEW: Terminatryx

Terminatryx are an Alternative/Metal/Industrial-Rock band based in Cape Town. Formed in 2002, the band released their third full-length album in April 2014 which Femetalism were pleased to feature a few weeks back.

Paul and Sonja from Terminatryx were kind enough to speak to Femetalism in more detail about their music, their recent release, the alternative scene in their native South Africa and what they are planning for the future.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ambient Thursday: Lethian Dreams

Yes folks, it's Thursday again, when the weight of the week comes bearing down, the end is ... hang on ... some bugger has changed me logo! What's going on? Ambient Thursday is it? Well, okay then.

Extreme Thursday is having a bit of a break. While we at Femetalism love a bit of extremity in our metal, we also love many other things too. To give a fair look-in to those who aren't replete in guttural growls, blast beats and downtuned riffage, we are having a bit of a foray into other types of metal. Do not worry, though. Extreme Thursday will be back!

This week we're looking at weight. Not the physical property of mass affected by gravity, but the heaviness so sought after in rock and metal. Heavy is certainly a word that gets used a lot in the world of metal. Bands are fond of saying that their next album will be their "heaviest yet". Riffs and grooves are described, if not heavy, then some suitable synonym. But what is "heavy"? Sometimes the heaviness of music is not in the heights of amplitude or the depths of frequency. It is somewhere else. Somewhere harder to define

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bandcamp Series: Demencia Mortalis - The End is Nigh (2014)

Demencia Mortalis are a metal band from Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic. They combine an operatic female vocal with doom metal to create an atmospheric and chilling, yet beautiful effect. There is also a sneaky violin in there (and you should all know how much I appreciate a violin in metal).  The band have released one previous album and an EP, their third release is The End Is Nigh which was released in February this year.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Release: Upon Shadows - 7 Stages of Grief (July 2014)

If you like ambient black metal then you really should be checking out the new album from Upon Shadows. This 2-piece dark metal band from Uruguay have released a number of albums and EPs since 2003, but their most recent release - 7 Stages of Grief - was released on the 7th July and is an instrumental collection of songs taking the listener through the 7 stages of grief.

Monday, 7 July 2014

New Release: enkElination - Tears of Lust (July 2014)

enkElination are a UK based metal band formed in November 2011 by classically trained former opera singer Elina Siiala.  Elina originally from Finland started working on enkElination in 2012 with guitarist Shadow Venger and they produced their first EP in September 2012.  Alasdair (bass) and Ben (drums) make the line up complete.

The band have been working on their debut album, which is due for release on the 21st July, have released the official music video for Tears of Lust back in March and in April Femetalism had the pleasure of seeing them live at The Underworld, London supporting Van Canto.

Friday, 4 July 2014

INTERVIEW: Severnica

Severnica are a 5-piece symphonic metal band from Turku, Finland, who we recently featured on Femetalism with their debut EP - Long Lost Longing.

As promised, here is a little more from the band. They recently took the time to answer a bunch of question from yours truly.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Extreme Thursday: Derkéta

Everything has to start somewhere. According to biblical accounts, the very first Thursday was the day before humans, steak and pork chops were invented. A terrible day indeed. This Thursday we're winding back the clock to 1989 for a particularly pertinent first; the first all-female death metal band.

Not that Derkéta particularly wanted to be known as such. They just wanted to play brutal, downtuned, doom inspired death metal to a hungry audience. Things never do run smooth, and Derkéta's Yale is a 25 year journey of woe and hardships.

Hauling from Pittsburgh, PA, Derkéta was formed in 1989 by guitar player and vocalist Sharon Baschovsky and drummer Terri Heggen. There first foray onto the scene was a recording of a rehearsal session in '89 that pricked up a few ears. After that, a four track Demo entitled The Holy Ground in 1990, then a two track 7", Premature Burial, containing remastered demo tracks.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Release: Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest (July 2014)

Finnish metal band Amberian Dawn are due to release their new album Magic Forest on July 7th. After undergoing an Indiegogo campaign to fund the album,  the band were signed to Austrian label Napalm Records meaning a worldwide release was made possible.  Magic Forest is the first album to feature new vocalist Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen who joined the band in 2012.