Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bandcamp Series: Hegemony - Awakening (2013)

Polish band Hegemony released their debut EP Awakening at the end of 2013.  Describing their music as progressive/gothic rock/metal this band have created an incredibly progressive sound with really beautiful, soaring vocals.

Formed in 2012 the current line-up is Valyen Songbird on vocals, Wojciech Muchowicz on rhythm guitar, Maciej Borecki on drums, Arthur Muscovite on bass guitar and Olek Pawluczenko on lead guitar.  The EP also features Mateusz Smołka who plays cello on Dirge and Into The Sacred Woods and a beautiful soprano sax played by Błażej Tetla on Orison.

Awakening has 5 tracks:

Dirge (Asylum II)
Torment (Asylum IV)
Into The Sacred Woods

The EP is available from Bandcamp for a Name Your Price Fee and as always can I suggest that you support the band more by giving them a couple of quid.  Not only does this mean the EP will feature in your Bandcamp Collection but the EP really is worth it!

Check out the band here playing In The Sacred Woods live:

Follow the band on:

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.