Thursday, 24 July 2014

Extreme Thursday: Cadaveria

Ah, a return to form. A return to dispensing with the horror of Thursday with a bit of something horrific. This week we're looking at a bit of a hydra; one name, two entities. A woman, a band, a personal crusade of metal macabre.

Italian born Cadaveria is a singer/songwriter who first rose to fame as the vocalist of symphonic metal band Opera IX, but this relationship was relatively short lived. Feeling constricted by the limited range of styles and philosophies of Opera IX, Cadaveria left the band along with drummer Alberto Gaggiotti. Her desire to not be pigeon-holed as an "occult" metal singer led her to start a project of her own; a form of self-expression, her personal vision. In line with this intent, the band is named for its formidable front-woman, CADAVERIA.

In the beginning CADAVERIA recruited guitarist Killer BOB and keyboardist Baron Harkannen and started work on the first album, The Shadow's Madame. The band member's names are, of course, pseudonyms, each being a villain from a David Lynch production. Gaggiotti, as drummer, took the name Marcello Santos (from Wild At Heart). The others were Killer BOB (from Twin Peaks), Baron Harkannen (from Dune) and Frank Booth (from Blue Velvet) on guitar.

Spell (from The Shadow's Madame)

Killer BOB and Baron Harkannen (a.k.a. John and LJ Dusk) also had a side-project called DyNAbyte, an industrial band in need of a vocalist. They asked Cadaveria if she would do double-duty with DyNAbyte and she accepted. DyNAbyte are still around, and have released two studio albums with Cadaveria on vocals.

DyNAbyte - Wave (from 2KX)

This initial CADAVERIA line-up produced three studio albums, two on Scarlet Records and one on Season Of Mist. Getting signed to Season Of Mist of course produced a good deal more publicity and took the band to new heights. In fact the only album released on Season Of Mist, In Your Blood, is the only CADAVERIA album currently available on Bandcamp. At this point Baron Harkannen left and Dick Laurent (from Lost Highway) was drafted in as a second guitarist.

The Dream (from In Your Blood)

CADAVERIA's second album, Far Away From Conformity, was released in 2004 and the third, In Your Blood, in 2007.  Ever productive, the band produced a number of official videos for the album. The start of the band's "horror metal" image formed and the videos were dark, disturbing affairs. This is acknowledged by Cadaveria who states that the videos are not intended for a mainstream audience. They are made to be underground. This continued with the third album, In Your Blood, in 2007.

Anagram (from In Your Blood)

The years between albums three and four saw the departure of Baron Harkennan and Season Of Mist. The fourth album, aptly titled Horror Metal, saw a switch to Bakerteam Records. Horror Metal was released in 2012 along with three music videos.

The "horror metal" aspect, the band admit, is primarily in the visual, the image. The band's sound is a cross between progressive death metal, gothic metal and goth rock, with all the theatrics and imagery that entails. The songs are all thematically similar, and the lyrics are written in a similar style, but the actual style of the tracks shifts wildly from heavy, driving death metal riffs to lighter rock parts and slower, doomier passages. Occasionally the songs break style completely and have softly sung or even operatic moments. Cadaveria's mix of clean and growled vocals provide different feels to the songs and the instruments provide interesting textures for the lyrics.

Flowers In Fire (from Horror Metal)

CADAVERIA is a very personal thing for Cadaveria. She writes all the songs using things the has seen, heard and experienced day-to-day as inspiration. The music is composed in a somewhat organic way with snippets and ideas being put on a portable tape recorder and then brought together in the practice room. Cadaveria is never not writing material.

Death Vision (from Horror Metal)

After touring Horror Metal with gigs and festivals for a couple of years, CADAVERIA are back in the studio. On the 7th of July 2014 they announced that they have signed a deal with Scarlet Records to produce their fifth full length album. We'll be sure to keep you posted on updates as they appear!


Originally posted by Craig Andrews on Femetalism.