Monday, 28 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014 Ronnie James Dio Stage

With Bloodstock Open Air 2014 just around the corner here is the first of a daily series this week on what we at Femetalism are looking forward to seeing at the festival.  So today, we start with the Ronnie James Dio Stage.  I have to say that there has been a lacking over the last few years of women on the main stage but this year there is a definite increase, albeit with just 4 bands.



The new project of Tom G Warrior, now on their second album. A swirling mix of metal genres that keeps you guessing, but definitely keeps you listening. The second album, Melana Chasmata, was released earlier this year. Looking forward to hearing it live!


Lacuna Coil

Classic Italian gothic metal. After a run of successful albums, Lacuna Coil are playing to bigger and bigger crowds all over the world. Never content with sitting still, the latest album Broken Crown Halo takes the band on a dark, cinematic turn.

Evil Scarecrow

Crabulon! Crabulon! Crabulon! Not interested in crabs? How about robots? Or war? Or strange behabited guitarists gyrating on the bar? Evil Scarecrow are everybody's favourite parody metal band who manage to escape the tiresome tweeness of other parody bands by also being pretty damn good. The question is: will this years pyrotechnics match last year's epic event?



Progressive metal project of the multi-talented Floor Jansen. After a tough few years and an interesting departure into Nightwish territory, the new album Wild Card brings Floor's impressive vocal range and a whole host of guests on a prog record of epic proportions.

Check out the full line up and more about the Festival here.

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