Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Festival Preview - Bloodstock 2014 Jägermeister Stage

Day three of our Bloodstock preview takes us to the Jägermeister stage, a semi-acoustic alternative to the full blown performances sponsored and promoted by the best worst drink on the planet. A perennial favourite, the Jäger performances are intimate affairs with only a few dozen attendees standing within inches of the bands leading to some epic rocking, moshing and folk dancing.  This stage has always been a Femetalism favourite due to bands such as Northern Oak, Splintered Soul and Andraste playing there over the years.

This year, we welcome a bumper selection of metal women with 5 bands over the course of the weekend:


Cadence Noir

Cadence Noir are a self-style "Neuvo Acoustic Goth" band from Nottingham. Taking backgrounds and influences from jazz, bluegrass and country then giving them an acoustic goth make-over, it's certainly an interesting mix and one to watch out for!


Combining crushing riffs with groove laden melody, this Birmingham based quartet have five years experience in rock. With a new single out and in preparation for their third album, Aceldama are bringing their groove heavy sound to Bloodstock to share.


To finish off our Friday list, and quite possibly to finish off the listeners, come these purveyors of sludge/doom that will crush your soul and haunt your nightmares. With a visual style all their own and an sound to give you sorrows worth drowning, we may find the close proximity of a bottle of Jäger a necessity.


The Amorettes

This Scottish 3-piece have been taking their high-octane, energy fuelled performance on the road and secured themselves rave reviews and a dedicated fan base. This year they're bringing a semi-acoustic version of their own brand of mindblowing rock anthem to BOA.



A favourite here at Femetalism, enkElination are touring their new album Tears Of Lust and taking a good dose of melodic metal to Bloodstock. This Finnish/English combo have been wowing crowds across the country and are set to take the Jäger stage by storm. See their recent interview with Femetalism here.

Check out the full line up and more about the Festival here.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.