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INTERVIEW: DespairHate

DespairHate is a French symphonic band created by Eric Palumbo (ex-Edenfall, Benighted Soul) in 2009.  We recently featured the bands 2013 debut album Requiem For The Innocent on Femetalism and were given the opportunity to get to know the band a little more when Alex (guitars and clean vocal) and founding member Eric (drums) agreed to answer some questions from us.

Can you tell us about how DespairHate came together?

Eric: I founded the band in 2008, with Alex (guitar and clean vocals) and JM (guitars). After many changes, the line-up has found its final shape in 2012 with the arrival of Nyx (vocals) and Shredd (bass, grunts). Unfortunatly, Shredd has to leave and we're currently looking for a new bassist, but we have some friends who could handle that.

Can you tell us a little about each member of the band?

Alex: Eric is the drummer of the band. He listens to all genres of metal, but he's especially fan of movie soundtracks. The orchestral side of our music comes from his passion for the soundtrack composers's works. He's also a great fan of horror and fantastic movies (old and new).

Nyx is the female singer of the band. She started to learn music by herself at 6. She sings in several bands (Njord, Lafée Nyx).

JM is the guitar player you can hear on the right side :). He's a big fan of old school thrash metal but he also listens to rock, hard rock, blues and funk... who told that you could not be violent and funky?

Shredd is the bass player of the band. He recorded the album but he unfortunately has to leave the band for personal reasons (he'll become a dad soon!) and he wants to get more free time for his band Forsaken World.

And last but not least, I'm Alex, I play the guitar and sing the male parts in DespairHate. I also play in several bands: Addictive Mystical Junkie Donuts (a.k.a. AMJD); I sing and play the bass guitar in this glam rock band, JM is on the guitar. Eric, JM and I are also playing in an old school band: Collision in Chaos and I also sing and play the guitar in the hard rock band Sticky Sweet.

Where did the name DespairHate come from?

Eric: Nothing is more beautiful to me than the beauty of melancholy. So I wanted the word "despair" to be in the name. But we're not playing doom metaI, and with "hate" I just thought that the contraction of despair and hate would be a funny idea, but also closer to the music.

Alex: Most of French people can't pronounce the H of DespairHate, so we have some bad jokes like "Despairate Housewives!!!". Fuck them!

Can you describe the DespairHate sound?

Eric: It is a combination of heavy and thrash metal with orchestral elements. My first idea when I started to think about how the band should sound was to mix powerful guitars riffings with melancholic orchestral themes. But I'm a really fan of heavy metal above all and I knew that this genre would find its place in the music. Alex is also a great heavy metal fan and that is how our music was born : with JM coming from thrash metal, the final combination was made.

We really like Requiem for the Innocent.  Can you tell us about the album?

Eric: Thank you ! The art cover has been made by Natalie Shau, a very talented photographer and illustrator from Lithuania, who also works for artists (she made the artwork for Cradle Of Filth's "Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa" album). I'm a great fan of her work and I'm very proud about our collaboration ! For the writing of the songs, I generally come with the main ideas, structures and orchestral arrangements. Then we all work on the development and lyrics.

Alex: Eric comes with something clear in his mind and we bring our touch with some riffs. I think that this working together makes the sound of DespairHate. Nyx and Eric wrote the lyrics... I maybe wrote some sentences, but I don't really remember. The inspiration Nyx has to write her lyrics comes from the emotions she has when she's listening the instrumental parts of the music... quiet esoteric but true :)

What do you enjoy most about playing live and which DespairHate song do you most enjoy playing live?

Eric: sharing the passion of metal music with the audience, of course! This is just a dream come true! My favourite song to play live would be Dead Love Reveries. I really enjoy the atmosphere of this song.

Alex: We all love to play live. Actually, I think that live is much better than our recordings, because it's really difficult to record the energy we have on stage!

The band are from Nancy in France - what is the metal scene like in your local area?

Alex: There are some small bands in the area, but no bands are really famous or big in France. People don't really show up at metal shows but are always complaining about the lack of shows in the area... actually, this problem is the same in France. French bands are unfortunately more considered abroad than in France.

What comes next for DespairHate?

Eric: Working on the new album and touring as far as we can! Thank you!

Alex: Tours, tours and tours! We already have some shows scheduled in France and Poland and we're currently working on a tour in Eastern Europe. If some people in UK want to have us, please contact us, we'll be glad to show you our music! Thank you!

Huge thanks to Alex and Eric for taking the time to talk to Femetalism.  We are looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you guys and of course a tour in the UK would be awesome!

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.