Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New Release: Mortals - Cursed to See the Future (July 2014)

Brooklyn-based Mortals have recently released their second full-length on Relapse Records. After a demo, an EP and their debut album Encyclopedia of Myths, the band have stepped up their game to produce a record that defies genre. Taking their hardcore beginnings and overlaying it with black metal riffs and melody, sludge grooves and a hit of post-metal soundscape and you get an epic masterpiece.

There are only six tracks on the album, but with three of them topping nine minutes and one topping eight it's not over too quickly. The tracks are:

  1. View from a Tower
  2. Epochryphal Gloom
  3. The Summoning
  4. Devilspell
  5. Series of Decay
  6. Anchored in Time
Mortals are touring the US to support the album. More details on the band's Facebook page.

The band have also produced a video for the opening track View From A Tower that involves a lot of people being done in.


Originally posted by Craig Andrews on Femetalism.