Friday, 25 July 2014

November-7 - Awaraxid 7mg (April 2014)

I love a good concept album - sometimes it's just nice to have a theme and a back story to get yourself into with the music.  Swiss metal band November-7 recently released one such album, giving life to the story in a whole new way.  A thorough and immersive concept that makes you double take and question whether it might actually be real.

Awaraxid 7mg is the bands second studio album and was released on 25th April this year.  For over 6 months before the release fans were encouraged to partake in clinical trials and exposed to research findings. Why?  Because Awaraxid is a drug.  A drug to cure us of our dull state of adulthood and put us face to face with our true self and dreams.

The concept was brought to life through a series of pre-album teasers, an official video further explaining the concept, the launching of the Awaraxid website and a collectors package of the album with a full course of the "treatment".

Have a peek at the official video for Another Day taken from Awaraxid 7mg here:

The album features 10 tracks:

Tug Of War
Acid Life
Black Veil
Another Day
Wicked Love
In Denial
Pieces Of Me
Your Turn
Black And White

The tracks are really catchy with tonnes of grit and melody all rolled into one.  It's a great concept, delivered expertly with thorough, well thought out and unique craftsmanship. A great album that is really going to take this band places.  Take a listen to the album here.

The band are made up of:

Annamaria Cozza - vocals (2005–present)
Stéphane Geiser - lead guitar (2005–present)
Yann "Sieg" Siegenthaler - drums (2009–present)
Matt Walters - rhythm guitar (2010–present)
Stéphane "Machine Man" Berginz - samplers (2011–present; session 2008-2011)

As luck would have it November-7 are due to tour the UK in August:

August 12 - The Robin 2, Bilston
August 14 - The Rigger, Newcastle-Under-Lyme
August 15 - Alt Fest, Kettering
August 16 - The Swan Inn, Evesham
August 17 - The Dublin Castle, London

... and if that wasn't enough, you will be able to get to know the band a whole lot more on Femetalism as we managed to grab the band for an interview ahead of the UK tour.  Stay tuned for that coming very soon!

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