Thursday, 14 August 2014

INTERVIEW: Only We Remain

Formed in 2013, Blackpool based Only We Remain are an alternative band, taking influences from the industrial to the hard rock.  Having already supported bands such as Winter in Eden and Collibus, Only We Remain are really going places quickly.  The band are now working with Hellwyck Productions and the Ravenheart label on their first EP.

Mikey, Kyle and Kitty took some time out to talk to Femetalism about the band, their EP and their apparent love of Tea.

Can you tell us about Only We Remain?

Kitty - We all have so many different influences, it's hard for me to explain. Not just different influential bands, but we each even have different influential genres too, which I feel gives us a competitive edge!

Mikey - From Lancashire, started out as 'Fate of Faith' around two years ago but developed our sound and had a line up change and with that came a name change, but after having a new member join around six months ago, our sound has developed further and we now have fresh tracks to accompany the new sound and an EP in production ready for launch!

Kyle - I joined at the start of 2014 and I started to write things at home to bring in to work on with the band which developed into songs which will be on our upcoming EP 'Lost and Found'

Can you tell us a little about each member of the band?

Kitty - Is this me telling you about the others, or myself? Well, we're all mental, and love a good cup of tea!

Kyle - Mmm...  Tea..

Where did the name Only We Remain come from?

Kitty - We were pretty much throwing some names around, and Mikey came up with 'Only Dust Remains' and I thought it sounded a bit dirty. Not rude dirty, DUSTY dirty. But an ex-member threw 'Only WE Remain' into the mix, and it just stuck.

You are currently working on an EP - can you tell us more about this?

Kitty - Ooh, are we allowed to announce the release date yet? Well, if we do, you'll have heard it here first! (I'm a little excited!!) AUGUST 16TH!! This will be the worldwide digital release date, and we're hoping to have some hard copies printed and pressed to sell at our upcoming shows.

Mikey - We've all had an input into writing each track, whether that be composition, lyrics, chord progressions, drum beats and tempos etc.

Kyle - Although each song tells a story, they're all very individual in their own right. This isn't really a concept EP, more of a 'look how diverse we can be' yet still have an edgy sound, we feel stands out and can easily be recognised in each song, as being OWR.

What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Only We Remain song do you most enjoy playing live?

Kitty - I enjoy singing them all... but my favourite song to sing live has to be Siren, although after spending some time in the studio with a FANTASTIC Producer, I have a feeling that may change soon! I do enjoy singing live, but I admit it takes me a track or two to warm up and feel locked in with my audience. I'm working on creating a more dramatic stage presence to pull people in. Get off your phones!! There's something awesome happening on stage over here!! :)

Mikey - SIREN!!

Kyle - Siren! Well, maybe Chase Me.

What is coming up next for Only We Remain?

Kitty - Well we have our EP launch and release party at our local HMV store on the 16th August, various shows and festivals as well as writing some more material! We want to keep our fans engaged and entertained, and not feel like they've heard the same track over and over again...

Mikey - We get to open the first ever QQQQ festival in Manchester on 4th October!

Kyle - we'll be writing some new material as well as playing more shows.

Huge thanks to the guys from Only We Remain for taking time out to talk to us and for announcing their EP release date.  We look forward to hearing the EP and hopefully catching you live soon!

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