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Today on Femetalism, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tony and Åsa from the Swedish melodic metal band Zephyra. The band take their influences from thrash and power as well as melodic death metal and combine clean and growl vocals.  They have recently signed with Wormholedeath and have a new album primed and ready for release.

Can you tell us how Zephyra came about?

Åsa: The band started just to have some fun, playing together! Tony had just left his old band, and wanted to jam with Zephyra ́s former guitarist, Henrik, without any thoughts of getting more serious than that!

Tony: Åsa, new to having a band, jammed along as a vocalist. Though, pretty soon we realised that they worked well together, and the real idea of Zephyra was born. Since then, everything has developed forward, step by step!

Can you tell us a little about each member of the band?

Tony: Me and Åsa are the only original members since the start. Also, we are married! Zephyra is Åsa's first band, as she used to spend all her time on show jumping with horses before. Fortunately she is stubborn, a very, very quick learner and determined as hell!

Åsa: Tony has been around the block with metal bands quite a while. His earliest years was as a drummer, but he chose to move on with the guitar to more easily get the creativity out! In the line-up, we also have a couple of changes, which contains a new drummer and a bass player. These guys are two very experienced musicians with years of routine from amongst others Crystal Eyes, Damnatory and SoWhat. You'll hear more about them on our social medias further ahead!

Where did the name Zephyra come from?

Tony: The name is actually a modification of our dog, an amstaff named Zaphira! Åsa came up with the idea, and it kind of stuck with us!

Can you describe the Zephyra sound?

Åsa & Tony: Always tough to answer. But the three main influences are within the thrash, power and melodic death scene. The main guitar style is based on thrash metal, the melodic choruses and overall melodies from power metal and the growl parts from melodic death. Our sound is hard to describe and that we take as a compliment.

What or who are your main influences?

Tony: Any styles really, but the main ones are the ones answered in the previous question. As for persons, I am heavily influenced by James Hetfield. Some inspiration comes from Jon Schaeffer, Tom Englund, Kai Hansen, Jon and Criss Oliva.

Åsa: I am very inspired by Floor Jansen, for the great dynamics in her vocals and her confidence on stage, and by Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity) for his melodic and articulating growling style.

You recently announced that you had been signed by the label Wormholedeath. Can you tell us more about this?

Åsa: We actually got scouted. Our self produced EP was out on the internet when Jonathan Mazzeo from MathLab Recording Studio contacted us and asked us if he could show our music to a record label he works with, since he liked the music. Of course, who says no to that? The label was Wormholedeath, and they really, really liked what they heard, and since we got a great offer, yeah, you can figure out the rest ;).

You also announced that you would be releasing an album soon - what can you tell us about the album? 

Åsa: The album is a very diverse one. Tony has from the beginning had a clear vision about things like in which order the songs should appear on the album, what kind of songs should be on there and so on. The next song is always a little different from the previous one. On the album you can clearly hear our influences. For example; Mandatory Meltdown has many thrashy parts, Schizophrenic Sanity shows off more of the slow, progressive side of us, and Atychiphobia is a powerful ballad, full of emotions.

It's not a concept album but the general lyrical theme is about personal things like burnout, anger, being used, fear of failure etc. Although the lyrics are very dark there is always a stream of hope and a fighting spirit in there.

Tony: The actual recording of the album was made at MathLab Recording Studio in Italy during three full weeks. The album is produced and mixed by Jonathan Mazzeo, and mastered at The Grid in Canada, by Christian Donaldson (who also mixed the song ’Undone’).  We don ́t have a release date yet, but well make sure you know it when its stated!!

What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Zephyra song do you most enjoy playing live?

Åsa: The reward you get from all those hours of rehearsing, and you finally get to play live, is priceless. That feeling you get on stage is what it's all about! You never get tired of it. The day you DO, it's time to get off stage,  ́cause then you cannot deliver a hundred percent.

Tony: Which song? Oh, tough one. In the past, Imprisoned Queen has been a good live song, but with the upcoming album new favourites are coming along. For example Schizophrenic Sanity gives us an adrenaline rush, and we are SO looking forward to debuting it live!!

If you could tour with any band - who would it be?

Åsa: Bands that we look up to, and that we are certain that we could bring a kick ass tour along with, such as ReVamp, The Agonist, Arch Enemy, Amaranthe and some label mates, like Rainover and Agharti.

What comes next for Zephyra?

Åsa & Tony: Right now we are rehearsing the new album and we ́re looking forward to a stuffed autumn with a great release party, lots of gigs and just massive mayhem! ;)

Huge thanks to both Tony and Åsa for taking the time to speak to Femetalism. It is great to hear that the Zephyra camp is so busy! We are really looking forward to the new album and hope a release date is soon! :)

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