Monday, 18 August 2014

Listana - Unveiled EP

Listana are a progressive symphonic metal band from Istanbul, Turkey. The band are currently made up of Fulya Çelikel Soganci on lead vocals, Ali Göktürk on keyboards and backing vocals, Alp Soganci on lead guitar, A.Kaan Seyithanoglu on bass guitar and brutal vocals and Ozan Gümrükçü on drums.

The Unveiled EP is a collection of Listana's music following a period of prioritising live performances.  The band are now working on a new album which they hope to release next year

Unveiled track listing:

Istanbul: Birth of a Dream
The Legend of Hellespont

Unveiled is a great first release for this band and gives us an insight into the music they will be creating for their full-length album.  There is a definite middle eastern flavour to the music which adds even more depth to the progressive guitar riffs and Fulya Çelikel Soganci's beautiful vocals.

You can take a listen to the EP on Spotify.

Or you can watch the video for Elveda:

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