Friday, 22 August 2014

New Release: Heliosaga - Towers In The Distance (August 2014)

Heliosaga are a power metal band from Minnesota, USA made up of Damien Villarreal, Jordan Ames and Chelsea Knaack and formed in 2010.  Towers in the Distance in the bands debut album following the release of the single The Light of Ardor back in January 2013.

The band's influences are rooted deep in the European scene ranging from gothic to symphonic and of course power metal.  In fact they would fit in right alongside their European counter parts with ease.

Towers in the Distance is released TODAY and is available from the bands website (US) or via CDBaby (International). It features 10 tracks:

A Tower So Tall
Scarlet Sphere
To Heal All Wounds
Hunter’s Moon
All Souls

The band released a lyric video for A Tower So Tall taken from the new album, on 31st July:

If this track is an indication of the quality and depth of music on the new album then I predict incredible things for this band!  Of course the next incredible thing for Heliosaga is obviously an interview with Femetalism, which I hope to present to you in the very near future.  Keep your eyes on the site and in the meantime, grab a copy of Towers in the Distance!

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.