Friday, 15 August 2014

Unveil - Codex Noctem EP (2013)

Unveil is a dark rock band from Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada who lace prog, metal and gothic elements seamlessly.  Unveil are made up of Jow on lead vocals, Alain on guitars and vocal, Mr.Lee on bass and vocal and Pom on drums.

The band have always had a passion for live performances and their first official release didn't come together until they were in their tenth year of existence.

Codex Noctem is a self produced EP which includes a collection of original songs all inspired by vampires, solitude and the secrets of the night. The quality of the music and production for the EP demonstrates a band who is both experienced and hugely passionate.

Track List:

The Fall

Released in 2013, Codex Noctem is an incredibly accomplished EP which gives the listener a collection of brilliantly progressive tracks.  Jow's vocal style blends perfectly with the music and her addition to the band in 2010 was a stroke of genius.

Codex Noctem is available from Bandcamp for $6 CAD.  Check it out here.

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