Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Myrkur releases video for Nattens Barn

Myrkur, the mysterious one-woman black metal project we featured recently, has released a music video from her recent debut self-titled EP for the song Nattens Barn.

Check out the video here:

Check out our feature of the new release.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.

New Release: A Sound Of Thunder - The Lesser Key Of Solomon (9th September 2014)

September 2014 saw the launch of A Sound Of Thunder's fourth album, The Lesser Key Of Solomon. Ever prolific, this marks the fourth album since the band's inception in 2010 and a continued album per year rate of production since 2011. Playing a form of traditional heavy metal infused with power metal and hard rock styles, the band are known for their varied compositions, continuously evolving sound and Nina Osegueda's powerful vocal.

Monday, 29 September 2014

New Release: Ancestral Legacy - Terminal (29th September 2014)

Norway’s Ancestral Legacy are due to release their second album, Terminal, after 2010’s Nightmare Diaries, today. Ancestral Legacy first started as a symphonic extreme metal band around 1998. After some major line-up changes in 2002, the band transformed into a more gothic sounding dark/doom metal band, with some subtle progressive elements, featuring both male growls as well as female vocals.

New Release: White Empress - Rise Of The Empress (29th September 2014)

White Empress released their first album, Rise Of The Empress, on 29th September. The album, entirely funded by a Pledge Music campaign, is the band's debut release after a free-to-download four track EP.

White Empress was formed by ex-Cradle Of Filth guitarist Paul Allender after his relocation to Minneapolis. Inviting other local musicians to join the band led to the formation of White Empress, with Mary Zimmer of Luna Mortis on vocals. Paul, via the Pledge campaign, says this about the band:
"White Empress is the link the music scene has been so desperately missing. The band started writing together two years ago and have slowly crafted the sound that is White Empress. White Empress has all the best parts of the metal scene rolled up in to one band. The music is hard, but emotive. White Empress’ unique style and sound stands is bringing the fresh life to the music scene that its been crying out for.”

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Forever Still release new single Scars for free download

Forever Still released their new single Scars this month, along with a pretty awesome lyric video and the news that the band have 2 new members.

Check out the lyric video here:

Friday, 26 September 2014

New Release: Meden Agan - Lacrima Dei (September 2014)

Originally formed in 2005, Meden Agan are due to release their new album Lacrima Dei this month. Following some line up changes, in 2013 the band also parted ways with lead vocalist Iliana due to musical differences and after 5 months of auditions, coloratura soprano Maya Kampaki joined the band together with Meden Agan's original drummer and main lyricist, who returned behind the drumkit. The current line up is: Maya on vocals, Diman on guitars, Tolis on keyboards, Aris on bass
and Panos on drums.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New Release: Northern Oak - Of Roots And Flesh (4th October 2014)

Northern Oak are set to release their third album, Of Roots And Flesh, on October 4th. The album, funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign last year, is something of a turning point for the band. Taking control of their own destiny, they have built on what they had in Monuments, the previous album, and with help of their loyal and growing fanbase produced something spectacular.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Release: Lyriel - Skin and Bones (September 2014)

German metal band Lyriel release their fifth album Skin and Bones on the 26th September.  Formed in 2003, Lyriel boast the same line up today, made up of Jessica Thierjung on vocals Oliver Thierjung on bass and backing vocals,  Linda Laukamp on cello and backing vocals,  Tim Sonnenstuhl on guitar, Markus Fidorra on drums and percussion and Joon Laukamp on violin.


MindShade are a metal band from The Netherlands who combine Mezzo Soprano vocals with grunts.
The band were formed in 2007 and currently consist of Nienke Verboom on vocals, Jeroen van Noort on bass and grunts, Norbert Veenbrink and Eli de Kruijf on guitars and Mischa van der Hout on drums.

Femetalism recently featured the bands album, Asylum of the Fallen on the site.  Now we are pleased to present an interview with Jeroen van Noort, the bands bassist and provider of grunts.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ann My Guard - Innocence Descent (2014)

Innocence Descent is the heavy melodic rock/metal début album from 4-piece Ann My Guard, released on Smash Fabric Records in April 2014. The sound comprises drums and guitar, with front woman Eszter providing bass and vocals. Imagine the love child of Courtney Love and Evanescence raised by PJ Harvey and you're somewhere close!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bandcamp Series: From Light Rose The Angels - EP (August 2014)

Never to be accused of not working hard, VK Lynne returns with her latest musical project - From Light Rose The Angels.  Along with VK Lynne on lead vocals, the band lineup includes: Janne Tamminen on guitar/keyboards, Andrew Faust on guitar/vox, Arno Nurmisto on bass and Justin Lee Dixon on drums.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Kim Dylla, aka Vulvatron added to GWAR lineup

Horror metallers Gwar were left with an uncertain future in March this year when frontman and founder Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) passed away of a heroin overdose. On September 12th, six months after Oderus' passing, the future of the band was became a little clearer. New band member Vulvatron (Kim Dylla) was revealed at Riot Fest, and she seems to be sharing vocal duties with Blothar (Mike Bishop).

Heliosaga release video for To Heal All Wounds

American symphonic power metallers Heliosaga have just released their first music video for To Heal All Wounds, taken from their recent album Towers in the Distance.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Amaranthe release video for Drop Dead Cynical

Amaranthe have released their new video for Drop Dead Cynical taken from their forthcoming third album, Massive Addictive.

Extreme Thursday: Brazilian Thrash - Nervosa & Exhortation

Thursday is upon us once again, and with it comes late sunrises, early sunsets, and the death of summer. In an effort to bring a little of summer back to our dreary lives we are taking a trip all the way to South America to visit Brazil! Okay, so we're not literally going to Brazil, but we are bringing you a healthy dose of Brazilian thrash to keep your spirits up in this most dismal of months.

Up first we have Exhortation, a death/thrash band from Sãu Paulo, who released their debut album The Essence Of Apocalypse in 2011. These are followed by all-female thrash metallers Nervosa whose short career has also produced an album in the form of Victim Of Yourself in 2014.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rainover - Transcending The Blue and Drifting into Rebirth (2014)

Spanish Gothic metallers, Rainover, released their album Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth earlier this year.  The band, originally called  Remembrances formed in 2011 after the break up of the original band and are made up of Andrea Casanova on vocals, Anthon Lo on guitars, Arturo Hernández on keyboards, Antonio Perea on bass and vocals and Quini Pelegrín on drums.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hegemony are a progressive/gothic rock/metal from Poland.  Recently featured on Femetalism with their 2013 EP Awakening, Valyen Songbird, vocalist for the band stopped off to speak to us about the band and the EP.

Crabulous news as Evil Scarecrow unleash the offical video for Crabulon

Finally it is here!  Evil Scarecrow, have today unleashed the Crabulon upon the world!  Having just finished a stint on TeamRock radio and with their third album, Galatic Hunt due for release in October, Evil Scarecrow is the band on everyone's lips at the moment.

Monday, 15 September 2014

New Release: Disasterhate - Mirroring the Abyss (September 2014)

The release of Italian death/thrash metallers Disasterhate debut album, Mirroring The Abyss, is imminent. A full seven years after Sacrifice To Eclipse, their first EP, Mirroring The Abyss will be released by Club Inferno on September 22nd.

Disasterhate's sound is a mix of hard hitting thrash layered with death metal growls and lyrical themes. Plenty of death, destruction and apocalyptic doom-mongering. Growls and clean vocals are handled by guitarists Reitia and Klaudia and provide a good balance of violent screams and melodic cleans. The rest of the band are Rise on bass and Dan on drums.

Friday, 12 September 2014

New solo album announced for Tristania's vocalist Mariangela Demurtas

Recently the first official announcement was made regarding Tristania's vocalist Mariangela Demurtas, Debut Solo Album along with a teaser video:

Northern Oak to support Moonsorrow at York's Annual Folk Metal Night

Yes, you read it right. The mighty Moonsorrow are playing an exclusive UK show, this February in York, with Femetalism favourites Northern Oak and the seriously unserious York-based metallers Sellsword. Can we say we're excited? Because we are!

New Release: Flyleaf - Between The Stars (September 2014)

American hard rock band Flyleaf are due to release their forth album, Between the Stars imminently. The album was fully funded through PledgeMusic earlier this year and was produced by Don Gilmore.

The band went on to sign with Loud & Proud Records and the first single, Set Me On Fire, was released in July.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Extreme Thursday: Mechanical God Creation

Holy moly, time is flying, isn't it? No sooner can you say "oh no, not again", it's Thursday ... again. A number of Thursdays have, in fact, passed since I last graced your ears with extreme awesomeness. This is sadly due to an increase in the busyness of life that I have been frantically fighting off.

But at last I have had five minutes peace, and so in the name of extremity I destroyed it with something really loud. This week's instalment hail from Milan, Italy and play technical death metal. They are Mechanical God Creation, and they write songs about war.

Mechanical God Creation came into being back in 2006 when Luciana Catananti (a.k.a. Lucy Mgc), formerly of UK based Art Of Mutilation, joined forces with one Simo to form a death metal band. This fledgling band produced their first demo in 2007 entitled "... And The Battle Becomes War".


Kalidia is an Italian melodic power band who formed in 2010.  Their debut album Lies’ Device was released on 27th June, 2014 and featured on the site recently.

Lead vocalist and one of the founding members, Nicoletta Rosellini recently took some time to answer some questions about the band, their influences, the album release and what the metal music scene is like in Italy.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Nethermost - Noetic (September 2014)

Texan melodic death/doomsters Nethermost have just released their highly anticipated debut album, Noetic. Following up on their successful EP Alpha from 2012 that we covered one Thursday, Noetic sees the band flexing their musical muscles and taking the listener on a dismal melodic journey to the outer realms of existence.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Collibus - The False Awakening (2014)

Collibus are a five piece progressive metal band from Manchester.  Not only have this band played The House of Commons and won the Mike Weatherley MP Discretionary Rock/Metal Award 2013, but their winning track Dead Inside was played on Scuzz and they have spent this summer appearing at a number of major festivals - Download Festival, Sonisphere Festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, Wacken Open Air, and Bloodstock Open Air.

Ex Libris Announcement

On the 7th September, Ex Libris released this statement on their website:


Dear friends, fans and followers:

We have some sad news to report. Unfortunately as of last June Paul van den Broek, who has been a part of Ex Libris since the very beginning, has decided to leave the band. We are very sorry to see him go, as we have been, and always will be, great friends! There´s no bad blood or hard feelings, it is simply a case of people going their separate ways.


Listana are a progressive symphonic metal band from Istanbul, Turkey.  We recently featured their debut EP Unveiled on Femetalism and the band then agreed to answer the Femetalism questions for this great interview.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Valkyrian Festival Warm-Up: The Road To Valhalla

Last Friday saw the Femetalism team heading north to the Londesborough in Bridlington, location of the upcoming Valkyrian Festival. Headlining were the mighty Ravenage, supported by Aonia, Alice in Thunderland, Hamerex and Teras. A fine night of metal indeed. Have a look at these photos for a taster of what's to come at Valkyrian.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Amy Lee - Aftermath (August 2014)

At the end of August, Amy Lee vocalist for Evanescence, released her album Aftermath.  The album is a collection of music from and inspired by the new film War Story and was created by both Amy Lee and Dave Eggar.

Friday, 5 September 2014

New Release: WOLF BLOOD - Wolf Blood (October 2014)

Burning World Records recently added WOLF BLOOD to their roster.  WOLF BLOOD are a 4 piece "psycho-sludge" metal band who originate from Minnesota. After selling out the entire first cassette-pressing of their debut album in less than a week, WOLF BLOOD is set to release the vinyl version of the self-titled monster in October 1st 2014.


Philharmonic metallers Whyzdom originate from France and were formed in 2007.  To date, the band have released 2 full-length albums and an EP.  They are currently working on their third full-length.

The bands current line up is: Marie Rouyer on vocals, Nico Chaumeaux on drums, Régis Morin on guitars, Vynce Leff on guitars and orchestration, Marc Ruhlmann on keyboards, Xavier Corrientes on bass.  Guitarist Vynce, took some time out from the album preparations to speak to Femetalism about the band, the album and what the future might hold.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bloodstock 2014: A Photographic Review

The haze of Bloodstock Open Air 2014 has started to lift and life is gradually returning to normal. It was a good year, a fun festival, and for a change I actually got a couple of half decent photos of the bands. This Thursday we reminisce the the good times. This post represents something of a wrap up of the photos that are posted over on our Photos Page.

I usually take a waterproof, shock proof, beer proof camera that, while almost indestructible, isn't the greatest at actually taking pictures. It'll do, but I'd rather have something more capable. No photo pass means no fancy kit, so this year I took my trusty Fuji X10 (pictured right) and a pocket full of spare batteries. The f/2-2.8 4x zoom lens and good low light performance is great for gigs where more substantial gear is frowned upon.

So, anyway, on to the pictures; I've not included all the bands I saw in this wrap-up post, so be sure to head over to the photos page to see the rest. Rather, this is a distilled selection of Femetal bands for your perusal.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

New Release: Myrkur - Myrkur EP (September 2014)

Myrkur, a one woman black metal project originating from Denmark, signed with Relapse Records earlier this year and releases her debut self titled EP on September 16th.

She says "Nature is a big part of the reason black metal even exists. And all types of pure music that comes from a pure place. The word ‘Myrkur’ means ‘darkness’ in Icelandic. The place where there are no boundaries, where no one can hurt me. And when I have sung the screams it, physically hurts but it feels like something is leaving my body. I can’t remember it afterwards."

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Anneke van Giersbergen announces collaboration with A.A. Lucassen

Exciting news today as Anneke van Giersbergen announced a collaboration prog rock maestro Arjen Anthony Lucassen under the moniker The Gentle Storm. There's not much info out there but there is a snazzy logo to look at, and it seems safe to assume it'll be something amazing given the experience and talent of these two fabulous musicians. Read Anneke's statement and follow the links to keep tabs on this most interesting development.


Permission, an EP by Polish metallers Nonamen, was recently featured on Femetalism.  The band are currently working on their debut full-length album but guitarist Maciek Dunin-Borkowski took time out to answer a few questions from yours truly.