Sunday, 7 September 2014

Amy Lee - Aftermath (August 2014)

At the end of August, Amy Lee vocalist for Evanescence, released her album Aftermath.  The album is a collection of music from and inspired by the new film War Story and was created by both Amy Lee and Dave Eggar.

Amy had previously stated that “It’s going to surprise my fans. It’s not what you’d expect; the film is very dark, very introspective. There’s not even a lot of dialogue, which is great, because to me it makes this beautiful, sad platform for music … There’s a lot of blending of sounds, a lot of ominous tones. I play a lot of keyboard, and a lot of Taurus pedal. There’s a lot of low drones.”

This teaser was released at the beginning of August and demonstrates exactly what she was referring too.   It sounds incredibly dark and sad, yet beautiful.

The album features 10 beautiful tracks:

Push the Button
White Out (featuring Dave Eggar)
Remember to Breathe (featuring Dave Eggar)
Dark Water (featuring Malika Zarra)
Between Worlds (featuring Dave Eggar)
Drifter (featuring Dave Eggar)
Can’t Stop What’s Coming (featuring Dave Eggar)
Voice in My Head (featuring Dave Eggar)
Lockdown (featuring Dave Eggar)
After (featuring Dave Eggar)

The majority of these tracks are instrumental and they are all a huge step away from her Evanescence work.  Will her fans like this album?  I honestly don't know.  It's nothing like Evanescence, but then it isn't meant to be.  It's a movie soundtrack after all.  What I do know, is that it is a truly stunning collection of music and well worth adding to your Amy Lee collection.

Push The Button is the opening track for the album and is one of the rare opportunities throughout the album to hear her vocals:

You can purchase the album from iTunes and Amazon for just £5.99.

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Check out War Story.

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