Monday, 22 September 2014

Ann My Guard - Innocence Descent (2014)

Innocence Descent is the heavy melodic rock/metal début album from 4-piece Ann My Guard, released on Smash Fabric Records in April 2014. The sound comprises drums and guitar, with front woman Eszter providing bass and vocals. Imagine the love child of Courtney Love and Evanescence raised by PJ Harvey and you're somewhere close!

The 13 lush, melodic and haunting songs showcase Eszter's stunning vocal performance brilliantly. From the super-catchy, pogoing "Crush Honey" to the much darker and heavier "Fallen", every song reeks of the quality you'd expect from an album that took 6 years to write, performed by such an accomplished band and produced by the most renowned producer in their native Hungary, Gábor Vári.

The album is beautifully put together and the grunge influence of my youth is immediately obvious. I particularly like the seamless movement between the angelic to the more intense and harsher elements. The album boasts the grittiness of alternative metal but with enough catchy elements to make this a real radio friendly favourite.  The potential of Ann My Guard for mainstream success is clearly visible with this release.

Innocence Descent track list:

Grey Witch
Dark Sea Blue
Ivory Ballad
Crush Honey
Morgana’s Song
Hollow Red
My Lullaby
H.K.A. Bitch

Check out the bands official video for Crush Honey here:

The full album can now be streamed in full here.

The band are currently preparing for a European tour later this year.  Dates will be announced in due course but you can keep up with developments on the bands Facebook page.

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