Thursday, 18 September 2014

Extreme Thursday: Brazilian Thrash - Nervosa & Exhortation

Thursday is upon us once again, and with it comes late sunrises, early sunsets, and the death of summer. In an effort to bring a little of summer back to our dreary lives we are taking a trip all the way to South America to visit Brazil! Okay, so we're not literally going to Brazil, but we are bringing you a healthy dose of Brazilian thrash to keep your spirits up in this most dismal of months.

Up first we have Exhortation, a death/thrash band from Sãu Paulo, who released their debut album The Essence Of Apocalypse in 2011. These are followed by all-female thrash metallers Nervosa whose short career has also produced an album in the form of Victim Of Yourself in 2014.


Exhortation was formed in 2005 by guitarist Renato de Luccas and singer Aline Lodi to explore their love of thrash metal. After recruiting Billy Dark Machine on drums and Rodrigo Dalla Piazza on bass, the band recorded their debut EP, Selective Suicide. Released entirely digitally, the band relied on the Internet to get their message out there. And out there it got.

Including demo versions of songs that would ultimately end up on the debut album, Selective Suicide did well with the worldwide media and the band immediately started writing material for the debut album. The album comprises songs written by various band members and took a lot of time and effort; recording didn't start until 2010. Exhortation contacted producer Ricardo Piccolo and artist Marcelo Vasco to produce the finished album, and in 2011 The Essence of Apocalpse was finally released.

Featuring thrash riffs and death growls, Exhortation's practice and improvement in the preparation for The Essence Of Apocalypse has certainly paid off.   Since 2011, however, little has been heard of Exhortation. They have been touring, and it is said they are writing material for a follow-up album. A message posted to the band's Facebook page in May of 2014 said simply "The EXHORTATION Will be back ... Wait..."

We're waiting.

You can follow Exhortation here:



Nervosa are an all-female thrash metal band from Sãu Paulo. Formed a mere four years ago, the band have shot to success and have had a career that is nothing if not remarkable.

Nervosa's career started in 2010 when Prika Amaral formed the band with a singular mission; produce kick-ass thrash metal. By July 2011, Fernanda Lira had joined on bass and vocals along with Fernanda Terra on drums. The members each brought different experiences of extreme metal to give Nervosa a fresh kick. Rather than go the traditional route of creating an unsigned demo, Nervosa hit the ground running by producing a video before releasing any music. The song was Masked Betrayer, and it already had the makings of a great thrash trio.

Following this video release the band immediately got the attention of the global music media. US-based manager Jeff Keller picked up the band, and Napalm Records signed them on the spot. Within three months, and fully supported, Jully Lee replaced Fernanda Terra on drums and Nervosa released their debut three track EP entitled 2012, named for the year of their success.

In 2013 Jully left and Pitchu Ferraz, formerly a session drummer, took over full time. Nervosa spent a good portion of 2013 touring, promoting and generally getting known in Brazil. Toward the end of 2013 they started recording their debut album, Victim Of Yourself, that was released in 2014. The first single from the album is called Death!

Nervosa are currently on their first tour outside of Brazil with dates in Peru, Colombia and Argentina, and Chile where they will play with the American thrashers Municipal Waste.

If you can't make it to South America for this tour you can pick up Victim of Yourself from pretty much any music retailer. if you're lucky you might even get hold of the limited edition clear vinyl.

You can follow Nervosa here:


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