Thursday, 11 September 2014

Extreme Thursday: Mechanical God Creation

Holy moly, time is flying, isn't it? No sooner can you say "oh no, not again", it's Thursday ... again. A number of Thursdays have, in fact, passed since I last graced your ears with extreme awesomeness. This is sadly due to an increase in the busyness of life that I have been frantically fighting off.

But at last I have had five minutes peace, and so in the name of extremity I destroyed it with something really loud. This week's instalment hail from Milan, Italy and play technical death metal. They are Mechanical God Creation, and they write songs about war.

Mechanical God Creation came into being back in 2006 when Luciana Catananti (a.k.a. Lucy Mgc), formerly of UK based Art Of Mutilation, joined forces with one Simo to form a death metal band. This fledgling band produced their first demo in 2007 entitled "... And The Battle Becomes War".

The demo showed promise, featuring dual vocals from Lucy and Simo and technical riffs. By the time the band's first album came out in 2010 all rough edges had been smoothed away and they had become a proficient technical death metal outfit.

The debut album of Mechanical God Creation was called Cell XIII and features what appears to be a prisoner on the cover. The song titles have the right feel for the band; a band warning of the over-mechanisation of society and the dangers of dehumanisation.

Track 5 of Cell XIII features Cadaveria, a previous Extreme Thursday favourite. Cell XIII was widely reviewed and received critical acclaim from within the industry. Between recording the band were also touring heavily and played several international festivals including Gods Of Metal and Metalcamp.

After the success of Cell XIII the band went through some changes. Simo left to pursue other interests along with most of the band. Lucy recruited a whole new set of musicians to don the MGC mantle and record the second album, Artifact of Annihilation.

Artifact of Annihilation features much the same lyrics themes as the first album but this time with Lucy sharing vocal duties with long-standing bassist Veon. The musicianship is tightened up and the whole production stepped up a notch producing a polished technically death metal sound. Artifact of Annihilation also saw the release of the band's first music video for Terror In The Air.

Following the release of Artifact of Annihilation there was some disturbance in the band and Lucy found herself alone. She decided to fully reform Mechanical God Creation again, hiring a full new lineup, and word is they're writing new material. Watch this space for more as soon as we know anything!

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Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.