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Hegemony are a progressive/gothic rock/metal from Poland.  Recently featured on Femetalism with their 2013 EP Awakening, Valyen Songbird, vocalist for the band stopped off to speak to us about the band and the EP.

How did Hegemony get together?

That's really nice story, because it happened kind of 'suddenly' ;)

This happened in June 2012. Wojciech, our leader, always wanted to have a metal band, but the time was never good. But, when I graduated my first grade of my vocal studies I gave a concert. Wojciech attended and he decided this is it! Next day he asked me about singing in his new band. As I always dreamed about singing in metal band myself, I immediately said – yes! The rest went quite quick – first rehearsals with only vocals, one guitar and our friend on bass, then intensive search for the second guitarist and drums on the Internet, some changes in the lineup, and now, here we are now, full band with hopes for good future :)

Can you tell us a bit about each member of the band?

Sure, with pleasure.

The most important person is of course Wojciech Muchowicz – our leader and composer. No band can play original pieces without their composer, right? :) So, Wojciech invents all melodies and usually the rest of whole piece, except the drums part. Wojciech has classical music education, he graduated music school on classical guitar. He calls himself also almost-a-lawyer. He's also music teacher, cat-worshipper and loves husky dogs. And the interesting fact – all lyrics are written by him too :)

Then there is Maciej Borecki. Talented drummer and good friend. Kind of mystery-person ;) Has sharp sense of humour. He is responsible for drums parts in our pieces, although usually they write them together with Wojciech.

Artur Moskała is our bassist, originally a guitarist. He says he is total musical self-taught, but as for me he is bloody talented selt-taught ;) Educated political scientist, but has many other interests. He gives Hegemony good, calm character.

Aleksiy Pavluchenko is our newest member. When Piotrek Golis (currently Substancja) left the band we were intensively searching for new lead guitarist. Olek is very talented and hard working. His hobby is repairing weird things, making small devices, skateboarding. He was born in Skopje, lived in Istanbul, currently student of mechatronics in Poland. And of course, Hegemony's lead guitarist ;)

And there is me. My history is connected to music since I really remember. I was attending to music school on piano, my first lessons started when I was five. For the next 12 years I called myself a pianist, but now I know it wasn't really my path. Simultaneously I was taking drawing lessons, because I had plans to go to the Academy of Arts. One year before graduating from my high school I decided to try and pass exams to the Music Academy in vocal class and this is how it started – I just finished my studies, but five years of singing lessons isn't enough for me, so I plan to continue my education.

Where did the name Hegemony come from?

We were thinking about the name for quite a long time. It had to be something simple yet full of meaning; we came up with many fine ideas but as it is often happens, no matter how long you think, the best idea pops just when you don't expect it!

One day Wojtek just proposed the name 'Hegemony' and that basically was it :)

How would you describe your sound?

Hmmm, we would prefer to leave this question to our fans, but certainly we have strong influences of both progressive metal and gothic metal. We try to merge it together, flowing melodies, with progressive rhythms. Oriental influences are also easy to find and we also try to make each and every piece different. For example, compare Orison and Torment :)

Your EP Awakening was released in 2013. Can you tell us about the EP?

That was our biggest challenge so far. We are very happy and proud we managed to record our music. The whole EP was written by Wojciech and Maciek (drums parts). The whole EP has a story behind the music. 'Awakening' is a tale about someone who was 'lost in a maze of philosophy' ('Labyrinth'), a 'seeker of truth' ('Dirge'). He struggles with depression and madness, but after a katharsis, a cleansing suffering ('Torment') understands himself and believes that he can be saved ('Into the sacred woods') and gives a thankful prayer ('Orison'). Lyrics are philosophical yet simple in meaning. And as you can see – this short EP has all strong emotions within.

Are you working on new material or planning another in the near future?

Certainly! We are just recording some paths for new pieces which will be in my opinion even better that 'Awakening'. Recording sessions are in progress, we can't wait to publish more of our music!

What motivates you to make music?

I think, we are all motivated by different things, but we surely share the joy while creation and performing. Asked about his inspiration in composing Wojciech also says: 'I play, listen and read a lot ... After this the ideas simply come. The most difficult matter is getting the riffs and pieces together!'

Which artists have influenced you?

Every band member brought to the whole band a number of different inspirations, but some of them are common among us: Opeth and Dream Theater are bands who really defined tastes for most of us and certainly had influence on our compositions.

What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Hegemony song do you most enjoy playing?

Playing live is always a great thing. Reacting audience and sharing our music is great. Each and every concert is also different, sometimes these are the best environment to improvise some new things, this is the time when great ideas of improvement comes. We don't have our fav song to play on concerts – it depends on atmosphere. On the last one we played new song of ours – Hangman's Kiss and it appeared a great song for concerts :D

If you could travel anywhere to play live, where would you most like to perform and why?

Ah, we would certainly attend such festivals as ProgPower or Metal Female Voices Festival. Beside that – we really want to share our music everywhere ;)

Inspired by a recent guest article on Femetalism, I am interested in finding out more about the metal scene in other countries. Can you tell us about the metal scene in Poland?

We have many good metal bands known abroad – probably everyone heard about Behemoth or Closterkeller. We have also many, many new and energetic bands here – I myself was surprised, how many. And they play good music too :)

So what’s next for Hegemony?

For our nearest future we are concentrated on recording new material. In that case we won't give concerts for some time, but don't worry, we try to work fast. Wojciech invents new pieces all the time, we also miss giving live gigs. So, stay tuned for new material from Hegemony and then see us on some live shows!

Huge thanks to Valyen for being interviewed - we are very much looking forward to hearing new material from you guys

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.