Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Nethermost - Noetic (September 2014)

Texan melodic death/doomsters Nethermost have just released their highly anticipated debut album, Noetic. Following up on their successful EP Alpha from 2012 that we covered one Thursday, Noetic sees the band flexing their musical muscles and taking the listener on a dismal melodic journey to the outer realms of existence.

The album features 9 tracks of downtempo melodic death metal featuring some great guitarwork and, while technically quite a simple sound, all the more powerful for it. Instantly catchy riffs and drumwork combine with the death growls to make you prick your ears up and take notice.

  1. Matrix Divine
  2. Weald Realms
  3. The Void of Souls
  4. Nous Alliance
  5. Synergos
  6. Arcanum
  7. Sphere Caliginous
  8. I Envision
  9. Order of Mithra
Nethermost are John Johnston on vocals, Cinthya Rocha on lead guitar, Waldo Rocha on rhythm guitar and programming and Edgar Pinto on Drums. Noetic was produced by Waldo Rocha & Marco Santini and was released via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Check out the album on Bandcamp. Get it added to your wishlist and have a good listen as soon as you can! You can also purchase the album here

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Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.