Monday, 15 September 2014

New Release: Disasterhate - Mirroring the Abyss (September 2014)

The release of Italian death/thrash metallers Disasterhate debut album, Mirroring The Abyss, is imminent. A full seven years after Sacrifice To Eclipse, their first EP, Mirroring The Abyss will be released by Club Inferno on September 22nd.

Disasterhate's sound is a mix of hard hitting thrash layered with death metal growls and lyrical themes. Plenty of death, destruction and apocalyptic doom-mongering. Growls and clean vocals are handled by guitarists Reitia and Klaudia and provide a good balance of violent screams and melodic cleans. The rest of the band are Rise on bass and Dan on drums.

The video trailer featuring the entire first track, Me = Android, gives a good taster of what to expect:

The album features 9 tracks of brutal death metal goodness:

  1. Me = Android
  2. Desecrated Sick Reality
  3. Shining Black Mirror
  4. In A Rarefied Morning Sun
  5. Blank
  6. Toxic Sleep
  7. The Abyss
  8. Day Of Zero
  9. The Isle Of The Dead
Pre-order locations can be found via the Club Inferno release page.

Disasterhate can be found on:


Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.