Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Release: Lyriel - Skin and Bones (September 2014)

German metal band Lyriel release their fifth album Skin and Bones on the 26th September.  Formed in 2003, Lyriel boast the same line up today, made up of Jessica Thierjung on vocals Oliver Thierjung on bass and backing vocals,  Linda Laukamp on cello and backing vocals,  Tim Sonnenstuhl on guitar, Markus Fidorra on drums and percussion and Joon Laukamp on violin.

Although originally fusing metal with classical and celtic folk influences, the band did incorporate more symphonic and gothic influences in their 2012 album Leverage.  Hopefully their celtic flavour will still be present in this new release.

Skin and Bones features 13 tracks:

Falling Skies
Skin and Bones
Black and White
Days had just begun
Your Eyes
Dust to Dust
Der Weg
Worth the fight
Running in our blood
Dream within a dream
Black and White (Second Skin Version)

Check out Leverage taken from their fourth album:

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.